American Crates

American Crates

A monthly subscription service to deliver American candy direct to your door in the UK.

We did it!

On 1st Sep 2015 we successfully raised £1 with 1 supporter in 28 days

Project aim...

A monthly subscription service to deliver American candy direct to your door in the UK.

About the project...

With only one other company specialising in american candy subscriptions in the UK we belive there is more than enough room for another, We will offer the best value for money on the market making getting your american candy fix easy. We have people in the UK and the USA making the importation of the best candy possible, allowing us to offer such amazing deals. To receive the level of discount needed to make this business viable we need to sell 200 crates a month so we turned to crowdfunder to raise the orders for our first month, the money raised will be used to furfill your order just as if you was to purchase via our site with an added discount.

The website is complete and ready to be pushed live and will be pushed live when this crowdfunder campaign is complete it will be found at we have a picture below to show how the website looks.


Whats inside...

Well each month is a suprise but all crates will include soda,5oz cinema box and premium items see the crates below.

Why we started American Crates...

After searching the market for american candy service in the uk we found that we did not see a company that offered great value for money so the seed was planted ant the idea was born.

How it works...

First pick your size of crate and subscribe then leave the rest to us you will receive you candy crate for you to enjoy, This is a month by month service meaning you can cancel anytime just login to your account.

How you receive the reward...

when the campaign is complete all people who have purchased a reward will be sent a voucher code to be used at


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