Bringing 'America' to Nigerian children

by Viktoria Sabova in Manchester, England, United Kingdom


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Kids want to explore the world. A lot of them don't have this privilege and we want to help them. We want to show them the world.

by Viktoria Sabova in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

5 continents 2 girls helping hundreds of children

We want to educate as many African children as possible. It's not possible to travel the world with all of them, but it is possible by bringing different cultures from all around the world to them. We'll travel through multiple countries and show the African children the essentials. But we need your help. 

How many times per year do you travel outside of your city? 

Average domestic travel in Africa is 0,3 trips per person per year compared to the average US citizen, which is 6.5.

Data regarding domestic travels from some of the African countries don't even exist-that indicates the neglected domestic tourism.

And we are talking only about domestic trips...

Probably, the number of trips you made over the last half a year won't any of the African children ever experience.

Additionally, 33 million primary school-aged children in Africa do not go to school.  They are not educated, they don't have any knowledge about how the world functions. 

Could you save one of your trips and give it to children from the undeveloped world in Africa?

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”

Adult literacy rate in Niger was 28.7% in 2015 while the world literacy was 86% (according to UNESCO). The reason is obviously education. The enrollment rate for secondary education was 15,2% whereas the world rate was 75% (the UK had 121%!). These children don't even have access to the internet, they have never seen anything more than their home, not even on pictures or tv….(like we already saw, just some are lucky enough to have a privilege to go to school. We should allow them to see and comprehend other cultures, religions and worldview. If you and your loved ones want to live in a respectful, understanding, thoughtful, regardful, generous, compassionate and empathetic world, we have to teach these values. 

We don't think that children from Africa are motivated enough to pursue their dreams-maybe their teacher and parents genuinely try to tell them that it is important to do so... but they don't have the capacity to actually show them the world where they can really develop themselves. That's what we will try to do. We hope that we will engage them with presentations and workshops about different cultures and provide them with typical food and spices to fight their malnourishment and valuable souvenirs like typical clothes, books and give them historical insight into each country-providing them with real-like ambience-show them rituals, traditions, crafts, arts. Hopefully will give them the initiative to explore these cultures further and they will pursue their dreams beyond their hometown. Eventually, they will bring back all the knowledge and skills they have gained. For now, we'd like to teach them how to think outside of the box, broaden their horizons, teach them languages-french, english, german, spanish,slovak.

What is our plan about:

  • gathering experiences, customs, cultures from around the world

  • providing children with experiences of world greatest cultures

  • educating children about the world around us 

What would children get?

  • seeing the world as diverse as it is

  • eye-opening experience

  • tolerance

  • understanding the world beyond their own 

  • comprehension

  • general knowledge 

  • appreciation of different cultures and their similarities

  • creativity

  • celebrate diversity

  • reduction of bullying

  • adaptability

The children won't only get tangible souvenirs. Some of the souvenirs for them will also include our interactive workshops (real-like experience), presentations and live streams from all of the places! In our brief list below, you can see all the cities from which we'll like to take a sample of their culture and show it to the children. Each city provides you with keywords (activities, events or souvenirs) which serve us as the essentials of the country's culture. Therefore those are the main themes our workshops, presentations and souvenirs will be about. 

Paris-Eiffel tower, Disneyland, Notre dame de Paris, Versaille, Louvre, fashion and Coco Chanel, three musketeers, macarons, perfume

Lima-retablo, marinera dance costume, bullfighting, polleras skirt

Los Angeles-concerts, sweets, Griffith observatory, surfing, Hollywood, 

Tokyo-anime, kimono, movies, hand fan, tea, samurai, happiness cakes, sticks, cats, lampions, torri

Sydney-opera, kangaroo, botanical gardens, koalas, aborigines, boomerang, opals, dinosaurs jewellery, vegemite, Tim Tam, didgeridoos

Cape town- ceramics, zulu ceremonial spoons, rooibos tea, wooden masks cravings, jewellery, rugby 

Bratislava (Slovakia)-horalky, High tatras, traditional folk embroidered clothing, korbáče, the best slovak slivovica for teachers :), corn husk dolls, valaška, bryndza cheese

London- Big Ben, Legoland, Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Westminster Abbey, Stonehenge, Oxbridge, double-deckers, English breakfast tea  

Price breakdown: 

All flight prices are based on current cheapest flights (with luggage). Since we are from Slovakia but currently based in the UK (for our studies), we won't need you to sponsor our flight to our home country (as one day we'd have to go home visit our families either way) nor our stay in Slovakia as well as in London! What's more, in Slovakia we have friends who can arrange hand made souvenirs for us for free!

If you can't afford to donate your money, but you're a steward, pilot, hotel manager/owner- basically working in these fields, any help from you (discounted flights, rooms, vouchers etc.) would be really appreciated. As a reward for every donation over 150$, we’ll send you a souvenir of your choice! 

Thank you! 

Our journey will start in London. In each country, we'll stay for less than one week (depends on the availability of flights). Prices shown are per person: 

London-Paris 94$

-accommodation 45$ (15$/night) 

-souvenirs 370$

Paris-Lima 549 $

-accommodation 66$ (11$/night)

-souvenirs 290$

Lima-Los Angeles 496 $

-accommodation 84$ (12$/night)

-souvenirs 450$

Los Angeles-Tokyo 544 $

-accommodation 84$ (14$/night)

-souvenirs 560$

Tokyo-Sydney 346 $

-accommodation 120$ (20$/night)

-souvenirs 490$

Sydney-Cape town 713 $

-accommodation 55$ (11$/night)

-souvenirs 330$

Cape town-Lagos 394$

Lagos-London 432$ 

-souvenirs 240$

Total costs - 6752$

We hope you find our project interesting and worth investing. 

As it's the two of us who are running the project, feel free also to support my friend-Vladimira Messerschmidtova with the same project. In case we raise the money needed for our project, you can follow it 'live' on our project's Instagram (link to be added as soon as we start to travel)! If you have any other questions about our project, please contact us via email - 

Thank you for all of your help 


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