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Ambika is a social enterprise bringing communities (with young children) together in green spaces; to nurture and nourish in nature.

by Nadia Pye in Abergavenny, Wales, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Any extra money will go towards offering some wellbeing sessions; like ten minute massages or super quick manicures - anything that helps boost you! 

Who are you? What is Ambika Social?

I'm Nadia; a lover of good food, green spaces, and my little boy, Noah.

Ambika Social is a social enterprise which has been born from my love of the above; and is designed to help bring together communities (particularly those with young children) in our lush green spaces: the aim being to nourish and nurture in nature.

It will run from a converted horse trailer and initially based in Abergavenny but in time will cover more of Monmouthshire.

Why are you doing it? What's your vision?

I am drawing from my own experiences of being a new mum. I found it really tricky to attend most indoor mum and baby groups (either I'd manage to get us out of the house only to find my little boy fell asleep on the way, or we would manage to get inside and he would cry so much I'd have to leave.... one way or another it just seemed to end up with one of us being more stressed!) - so I would take myself to green spaces instead. We'd both be so much more chilled and happier outside, and it was significantly better than staying at home. That's not surprising as studies repeatedly show that spending time in nature is really beneficial towards supporting our wellbeing. Being outdoors definitely helped me feel less overwhelmed, but I still felt very lonely because I wasn't really building connections with other mums. 

I want my idea to help tackle that by bringing mums together and providing enough support for them to stay in green spaces for longer. I also hope that it will help to build communities and a network of other mums who "get it". If I'd had others in the same boat to talk with more, I would have known that all I was feeling was normal - but instead I became convinced there was something wrong with me; everyone else was coping just fine so why wasn't I?

What I now know is that it's hard being a primary caregiver to little people - they are wonderful beings but also the most challenged many of us have ever been!

How will you do this?

I will have snacks and smoothies, with tea and coffee to keep us all going! I'll also have picnic blankets available for use, as well as toys and craft boxes. I am aiming to provide jackets and other outdoor clothing for use for free too, which people in need are welcome to take.

Basically I want to minimise the feeling of needing to bring everything but the kitchen sink - some days it can be hard enough just getting you and your little vaguely appropriately dressed enough to get out of the house.

From time to time I will run simple activities for children, but primarily this is about supporting the caregivers by building networks of others who may also be feeling overwhelmed, and providing nourishing food to also support wellbeing. I have over 15 years of personal learning experience in wellbeing with a strong interest in nutrition (people think my degree was in it I'm so nerdy about it... even though my degree was actually in IT!), so it's my aim to be able to provide food that is both tasty and nutritionally good for us too. If ever there's a time we need all the energy help we can get, it's when we're running around with a small person! 

In time I hope to run events that help support parents even further, like family days, and yoga classes and mini retreats... and lots of other good stuff too. 

And of course, for those of us (hello, me!) who think doing stuff aimed more at you than your littles is a bit "selfish"; the bonus is by default it helps support the wellbeing of our small ones too; as they also get to experience all the wonderful benefits of being outdoors - and hopefully a calmer, happier adult too.

What do you need to start this?

Originally, when the seed for Ambika was first planted, she was going to be my side hustle - but now she's going to be my main hustle. Which is both wonderfully exciting and epically scary in equal measure. 

Part of the wonderfully exciting bit is I’ve been accepted into this Back Her Business program run by NatWest. They have a source of grants that mean they will match fund 50% of what I raise towards my project; how bloody marvellous is that?!


Part of the epically scary part is that I have to crowdfund in order to access that grant funding. Faaaaaaarrrrrr (shhhh Nadia, small people are listening!). Fantastic! :-)

It’s absolutely nail pullingly cringe-tastic to me that I will be asking people to sponsor me - but - I passionately want to make Ambika a not-for-profit venture that supports and allows access to anyone who needs her. The complete start up costs for this are around £12,000, and as she’s currently entirely self-funded then I can’t make one happen without the other.

I've bought a trailer, but I now need to kit it out; from cupboards to coffee machine. And that's where I'm hoping you can help! 

What will the money you raise be spent on?

I need to buy everything that goes into the trailer; including a tea urn, coffee machine, generator, stock, fridges, units... essentially I have the shell but nothing to make anything with yet. I also want to buy all the things I hope I can offer alongside food and drinks; like waterproofs for those who need it, blankets for Big People to wrap up in with a cuppa whilst the Small People run around, crafts for all ages... with many more ideas up my sleeve! 

So any contribution whatsoever would be amazing - there really isn't too small an amount: all and every penny will make me do a happy dance! If you know me well enough that you might buy me a cuppa, chuck a couple of quid towards getting yourself a cuppa and cake via my rewards section for Ambika instead. 

My logo strap line is "Better Together" and I really do believe we are. It feels a bit scary trying to carve a new pathway that facilitates that; but I think it's a much needed path to tread. Come be part of that journey with Noah and me x


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£3 or more

Three Pound Delight

Choose from any one of the delightful peg dolls by the most Lovely Cotton Twist - see my Facebook or Instagram page for some pics... There’s everything from a rabbit to a robot, a pirate to a plane, or a fairy to a fox - and if you’re local I’m happy to pop one through the letterbox for you x

£6 or more

The Little 6 Mini Reward

Coffee and a cake for you and a friend. Your friend can be your Little and could be a juice / other snack of choice.

£10 or more

Ten for Ten

A card that gives you 10% off any cuppa and snacks, for a whole year! Plus a free first cuppa too.

£26 or more

The 6 Family & Friends One; inc. children's gift!

Tea, coffee or smoothie / milkshake / juice, and a cake for you and family or friends - up to 6 people in total. You can be any mixture of adults and children. The children will be able to choose from a variety of make your own peg doll gifts that include a DIY treasure hunt; this reward makes a fab little family afternoon!

£66 or more

The Big 6 Big Reward

Your name or your company name painted onto the outside of trailer; to thank your lovely support. Obviously this would be a fab little advert for a company as the trailer drives around!

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