We are raising money to enable a group of young people aged 18-22 from Barne Barton to volunteer at a Children's Home in Kumasi, Ghana.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We are the Tamar View Community Ambassadors from Barne Barton in Plymouth and we volunteer around our local communities,  helping run events/activities for others. We now wish to expand our devotion to support and work with young people by volunteering in an orphanage in Kumasi, Ghana. This short-term voluntary placement would include activities like daily care and interactions with children and spending time with them in the playground area and more mundane but essential tasks like cleaning, feeding and washing. This will give us the heart-warming opportunity to give our support to those with disabilities both physical and mental who are living in extreme poverty. Many of the children that we will be working with have arrived at the orphanage at a young age – with some mothers dying during childbirth – and had no one to look after them. They also accept abandoned children and children of unstable parents. Generally speaking ages can range anywhere from new-born babies to upper teens. The incredible impact we can make will never leave our heart and we would love to make even the slightest change to their lives. However, this opportunity will not only impact the children but it will also have a huge impact on us. We will be able to test ourselves and our personal capabilities, to learn about the country we are staying in, its sustainable development and how projects like this can be nurtured with help from volunteers. This project will only be possible through generous donations and a lot of our own fundraising.

By attending this volunteering programme, we hope to improve our knowledge base; cultural understanding; life perspective; and skills to work with children and young people from different backgrounds. As volunteers working with children and young people with a charitable organisation in Barne Barton, Plymouth, we hope that we will be able to use the experience gained in Ghana to influence the work of the charity on a local scale including how it works with those suffering with disabilities. As residents in this community too, we wish for our experience to demonstrate that living in a neighbourhood classed as deprived shouldn’t hold you back and that with dedication and hard work, good things are available to young people from similar backgrounds as ourselves.

We are attending this expedition as part a Community Ambassadors project, which is delivered by Tamar View Community Complex Ltd – a registered charity that we volunteer with. The Ambassador project is about promoting the involvement of young people in social action and encouraging them to become justice-orientated citizens that help to make changes that benefit their community and those less fortunate. As the world becomes more connected and we become global citizens, we feel a trip to Ghana to volunteer would enable that to happen.

Any support will be highly appreciated by ourselves and everyone that we have also provided our services to. If you have any queries please feel free to contact us through appropriate links.