Amanah Eminence Travels

by Fokrul Choudhury in London, England, United Kingdom

Amanah Eminence Travels
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To pursue my dream, To Achieve the Inevitable. See the smile on others like I would want to see upon myself.

by Fokrul Choudhury in London, England, United Kingdom

The word Amanah means Trust/Guardian. I want my customers to have trust in me. Since I left school, I’ve always had a dream. A dream to be a successful entrepreneur. I have always loved cars and I am a big fan of the exotic cars. For me it’s not about owning the best car but it’s about having access to it and providing the best service possible. Growing up, I’ve dealt with a lot of rental companies and I started doing my own sub-letting where I would make a nice profit off each client referral. 

I’ve always been keen on the idea of being the best in the business. We all have to start off somewhere and I’m looking to start off small and would love advise from like minded individuals who have already kick started their careers. I thrive for success. In life I’ve been kicked down many times but it has never stopped me pursuing my goals. 

The goal for raising this money is to be different. Different as in be a Game Changer in the Car Rental Industry. I have done a lot of research and in London, majority of the car rental firms have a minimum 4 hour requirement. I have done survey’s and found that customers would like a more flexible approach with hiring. Especially when it comes to the Chauffeuring on Rolls Royce. As a British Bangladeshi who is fond of the Asian wedding industry, I believe that giving the best rates to customers is the way to success. I know once I launch my business I can have the wedding industry on lock. I am a man who never gives up and everything I do is more then 100%. 

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