Alys' MA Gender, Sexuality and Culture

Alys' MA Gender, Sexuality and Culture

For the academic advancement of gender, sexuality and cultural studies, Feminism, women, BME and LGBTQ+ individuals.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Against the odds, I have been offered an unconditional place to study MA Gender, Sexuality and Culture at the University of London. This university is within the top 1% in the world and an institution at which I never could have imagined myself gaining a place.

My personal intended areas of focus are women's studies, feminism and the intersections of race and gender. I am hoping to contribute to the field and promote the perspectives of minority groups of which I myself am a part including BME, women and LGBTQ+. 

Following my MA I would like to pursue an academic career for the advancement of new thinking and understanding with regards to these areas and to have a positive impact within the workplaces and communities in which I interact in the future.

I believe that education should be free and accessible to all and I understand that there are many people out there who also cannot fund their studies themselves. I simply appeal to anyone who may have an interest in gender, sexuality and cultural studies, feminism, and/or in the advancement of women, BME individuals and LGBTQ+ individuals.