Altered Reflection

Project by Kevin
Altered Reflection

Hi, I'm Kev and I'm looking to raise £3000 to help offset the costs of my start up business

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

 Hi, I'm Kev I'm starting an accredited Business in the detailing industry. Im looking to raise £3,000 to help with equipment costs. I am fully insured and premises based, have passed relevant tests and training and am hoping to to be able to dominate the Lake District.

Above is a 2stage polished tank, you'll see tge water beading up all over the pain and the deep shine.

Left side is before correction, right after the first stage. You'll notice there's more clarity and a much deeper shine with fewer scratches.

If I should raise more than the target anything over the target will go to the Raise a Smile charity.



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