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"Alottaland" is a film that focuses on the social behaviour within a community in an apocalyptic world.

by Charlotte Kelly in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

The Concept: 

After her parents sacrifice themselves in her name, Red must learn to survive alone in an apocalyptic world. She is left in the fallen city, where it is every man for themselves. After escaping to the outskirts, she faces the danger of the surrounding forests; where communities have formed together for protection.

The film examines the dynamics of a social hierarchy after the collapse of control. It takes a look at the reality of an equal society and questions whether it will always ultimately result in someone stepping into a leadership role and the abuse of such a role. 

 Cost Breakdown: 

I believe in this film and I’m putting all of my time and money into it – and I’m looking for your help. The money raised for this project will be used primarily to help us create the world “Alottaland” is in. It will allow for the creation of costume, sets, and props and allow us to afford locations that truly bring “Alottaland” to life. Your money will also contribute towards the funding of transporting our crew and equipment, as well as feeding our talented crew! 

Donations to this project would be highly appreciated, and even sharing and liking our crowd funder will help us massively as it will allow for us to gain exposure to our project. 

With your donation, you are giving us the chance to bring our project to life. We would be unable to achieve this project without your help and are offering a number of rewards to show our thanks! 

This is a general cost breakdown, of where the funding will go once raised. The production costs are heavily made up of production design materials, we are doing our best to source materials for minimal cost and use what resources we have at hand, but the extra donations can really help us bring it to life. Your money will also help us to feed our crew as well as helping us insure the production for everyone's safety!

The Crew: 

Director - Charlotte Kelly:

 I’m Charlotte, a second year Film student at Bournemouth University. As a developing filmmaker I’m extremely excited to finally get the opportunity to direct my own project. I’ve been creating stories and short films since I was a teenager and have worked on multiple films in different roles, to gain experience needed to build a career in the film industry. 

“Alottaland” has been a concept I’ve been working on for a long time. My crew and I have been lucky to get the chance to create this piece for our second year assessment. This is my most ambitious project yet, and in order to make it successful and achieve the grades we need towards our final degrees, we are looking for help with funding the production costs. 

Showing that we can source funding ourselves will go a long way to demonstrating that we are serious and capable filmmakers. The impact of your donations will be huge – not only does it affect our grades, if successful I will be able to submit the film to festivals to help get my career started and gain credibility within the industry.

 Assistant Director - Claire Allan:

 Claire is using her biggest skills of being bossy and organised to help assure the smooth running of the production - she has been involved in Alottaland since it's creation and is excited to see the idea come to life! 

Director of Photography - Cristina Ingrao:

 Cristina is a 21 year old student in her second year at Bournemouth University. In the short film Alottaland, she is the Director of the Photography. She is excited to practice this role and gain experience 

working on set! 

Magda Pieniazek - Production Assistant: 

Magda is in her first year at Bournemouth University and is acting as a production assistant in this project. She is using her strong organisational skills to keep the process running smoothly in both pre - production and on set.

Tony Tomlinson - Camera Assistant:

Tony is a film student studying at Bournemouth University, he is producer by choice, however is a keen photographer and looks forward to further developing his camera and cinematography skills. 

Gracie Smith - Production Design:

 Gracie is our lead production designer on this project; meaning her vision and work will be bringing Alottaland to life. She is excited to be working on such an ambitious project.

Sam Mitchell - Sound Design: 

Sam is a keen film - maker and is excited to do his part to bring Alottaland to life in his role as sound designer! 

Paul Reed - Production Manager: 

Paul is the production manager on this project, he is an experienced film - maker and is over-seeing the entire project!

Glen Jenkins - Editor:

Glen is working as a editor and script supervisor. He has previously written and edited other projects but is excited to be working on something different, to expand his skills.

How will I know where my donation is being used?

All donations will be used entirely towards production - locations, production design, equipment, travel expenses. If there is additional funding left over this will be put in to arranging a public screening of the finished film. I will be keeping a record of spending and will be sharing the production process on our Facebook Page!

We are extremely grateful for all donations, likes and shares as it all contributes towards the creation of our project! Thank You!!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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Thank You!

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Sneak Peak!

A donation of £15 will entitle you to an advanced copy of a sneak peak trailer, prior to the release of the film!

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Copy Cat!

A £20 donation will win you a copy of the film on DVD and a poster from the film!

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A Title!

A pledge of £25+ will mean your name in the credits as an executive producer! As well as all other rewards!