Ally must stay with her Granny

Ally must stay with her Granny

To raise £2500 to pay lawyers fees. Little Ally is to be adopted out of the family to strangers unless her grandmother can fight for her.

We did it!

On 20th Dec 2017 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 14 days

This is my friends story..... I have increased the amount of 1500 dollars to 2500 GBP because as we all know there will always be ‘additional costs’ when things go legal!

It’s Christmas, her granddaughter should stay with her real family.  Can we raise these funds? I’m going to have a damned good try for her.  Casey have faith and I feel sure we can bring Ally Home to you...

Casey’s Story.... 

...please pray I find a lawyer to pro bono this so I dont loose ally to strangers. I dont have money to throw at a lawyer. 1,500 is not laying around here. Time is of the essence. I need a miricle!! I cant begin to tell you how devistated I am at the loss of parental rights for my son and his wife. Stupid drugs wreck lives. Madi will go back to her mother. Ally has no one but me. I have no money. In arkansas once rights are takin grandparents are nobody. Judge told me get a lawyer and do it fast before ally is adopted out. Im beyond devistated. No words can express how im feeling right now.  Helpless is one of them. I have no reason to breath if I cant get Ally. Madis mother did tell me she wont keep her from me but she lives in Arizona. All yoi out here in fb land are all I have. God is bigger then any of this and I have to believe somthing will give. ????????????????????

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