All That's Left - A Short Film

by Holly Willis in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

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A short film that explores the many ways we grieve, and how individually, we process loss completely differently to one another.

by Holly Willis in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

What’s it about? 

'All That’s Left' follows a family of four who have recently lost their father and husband.

The Addington’s have always had a close bond, brought together by their shared love of sports, with the slight exception of middle child, Toby, who holds a passion for photography and capturing memories.

Father and husband, Rupert Addington, was the heart and soul of the family. However, when he is taken from them, wife Betty, and children, Samuel, Toby and Daisy, struggle to adjust to life without him.

Each of the Addington’s are representative of the many different ways we grieve; guilt, denial, mourning, extreme sadness, anger, and the list goes on. The short film focuses on how grief can come in all shapes and forms, and how each individual can deal with it differently to another. Likewise in real life, the film shows that grief will never go away. Although it will always remain in us, 'All That’s Left' demonstrates how life does go on, and that even though losing someone hurts a great deal, you can still miss them and live your life at the same time.

Who am I? 

My name is Holly Willis, and I am a third year, Film and Moving Image Production student, at Norwich University of the Arts.

As I enter my third and final year at NUA, I have started planning and producing my graduation film, 'All That’s Left', which I have wrote, and will direct, produce and edit. I also have a very talented team on board, who will help me bring my vision to life through cinematography, production and sound design.

Why am I making this film? 

Likewise to many people I care about, I know first-hand what grief feels like.

Grief is a very hard thing to deal with, and I want this film, if not to bring some comfort, but to relate to people who have dealt with grief and to those who are still struggling with it. Also, I want my film to reach out to the people who may not fully understand it right now, but will look back on this film when they are grieving and it will help them in some way.

I think it is important that everyone understands that grief can be dealt with in any way, and that each individual will react differently. This may be due to who they have lost or how they have lost them. Each individual’s grief is different. Likewise to the character’s in my film, you could be in a family and lose the same person, but how you all react and deal with that will differ. And that is okay. You cannot grieve ‘wrong’.

I want this film to convey that if you are already grieving, you shouldn’t be worrying about how you are doing it. Just feel how you naturally feel, and don’t feel bad about it. Grieving is hard enough without the extra worries. All in all, the reason I feel so passionately about making this film, is to help people, and relate to people, who have encountered grief.

How can you help? 

With your help, I aim to meet my initial target-budget of £1500. The money I raise will be used to create a unique and cinematic film, elevating the overall look of the production. The closer I can get to my goal, the greater chance I have to achieve what I set out to do. This will help me fund locations, costumes, props and actors- allowing me to build a strong film that I strongly believe will help many people.

I hope that with your support, sharing and donating; you can help me bring my vision to the screen. A vision that will inevitably bring a tear to your eye, but will also bring comfort at the same time. 

Meet The Team


I’m Holly and I am the writer/director/producer/editor of 'All That’s Left'. As I have said before, this topic is very important to me, and I have wanted to raise awareness of this for a while. When I first encountered grief, I had no idea how I should be feeling or what was right. So if I had watched a film like this during that time, it may have taken the worry off of my shoulders just a bit. I really hope I can achieve this with my film, for others who have encountered similar feelings.

Visually, I hope to lock down a house, which I can work with my cinematographer and production designer to bring to life as a family home. I want each character to be represented in each of their rooms, and hints of their grief to be hidden within this. It won’t be easily to achieve, but I have a strong team on board and I am confident we can reach this goal.


Hi, I'm Colleen and I'll be your cinematographer for this film. I've been doing camera work for a while now, and am specialising in cinematography for my final year in university. I have been a part of quite a few projects in these few years, and my last short film had the honour of being an official selection film in a festival, and I'm hoping to bring the same cinematic vision and more to Holly's script. 


I'm Emma and I'm the production designer and costumer on this project. I'm looking forward to bringing the characters to life through these areas and highlighting the emotion of the story. Grief is something we all deal with, and something we each deal with in a unique way, which is something I really want to share with people through my design work. It is an important idea for us to all understand, therefore I am very excited to be a part of it. 


I'm Bret and I'm the Sound Recordist, Designer and Composer for 'All That's Left'. Previously, me and Holly worked together on a documentary last year and one of the main reasons I wanted to take part in this project was the chance to work with her again, as the two of us worked very well together. Additionally, the heavy atmosphere and themes in the film gives the sound a very crucial, yet subtle, and therefore interestingly balanced part to play in order to bring that to fruition. The film tells a realistic story in an acutely cinematic fashion, and to combine those elements in a soundscape sounds like a great challenge that I can't wait to get deeper into! 

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Thank you for taking the time to reading about my project - I hope this is a topic that I can raise a lot of support for! 

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