Allos Festival of the Arts

Allos Festival of the Arts

Supporting the unsigned, unrepresented and underrated! We need your help to raise money to put on a multidisciplinary arts festival celebrating the unsigned, unrepresented and underrated artists, musicians and authors of Italy and the UK. This week long celebration of creativity will involve free interactive literature events, children's workshops, film screenings, live music and a large-scale collaborative art project. And as a non-profit festival we need your help to raise the funds to ensure it goes ahead.

We did it!

On 7th Oct 2013 we successfully raised £1,000 of £1,000 target with 9 supporters in 28 days

The Project:

This October Thiene (Italy) will play host to the first Allos festival of the arts. Uniting British and Italian artists, authors and musicians, this week long celebration of creativity will involve free interactive literature events, children's art and literature workshops, film screenings, live music and a large-scale collaborative art project in celebration of the unsigned, unrepresnted and underrated.

Based on the Latin term for "Other", Allos will create an alternative platform for an all-inclusive, multidisciplinary experience of the arts that will come togehter under one roof.

Magnagatti (UK band)  WintZ

Taking place in a deconsecrated church, the project will begin with panels of white paper that will completely engulf the interior of the building, transforming it into a blank canvas and converting it into a space ready for the collaborative production of new work.

UK artists will join with Italian artists in defying the traditons of authorship and conventional spectatorship as they work side by side, inviting member of the public to contribute their own creations ot the display. What will start as an expanse of white will slowly metamorphose into a church  filled with art, building up block by block throughout the festival.

Building on themes of congregation and equality, the walls will eventually become entirely covered with the collaborative art work of not just the participating artists but of the whole community.

Alongside the artistic program, Allos will present Underrated, a celebration of writers and works that have been forgotten or overlooked and need some help to find their place in the spotlight. Using shared culture as their starting point, these bilingual events will encompass film screenings, a traditional English tea party and the chance to interact with internationally renowned authors.

Italy/UK Collaboration

Who we are:

Allos was created by Dada Projects, a non-profit arts organisation set up to support the work of artists outside of the conventioanl gallery environment. Since its conception in 2010, it has developed both large and small scale projects across Europe, wih the primary aim of supporting creative endeavours through cultural exchange.

Your Support:

We need your help to raise funds to cover the costs of:

- Art materials for the children's workshops

- Hiring sound and technical equipment for the live music

- Travel expenses for the UK artists, authors and musicians

- Prinitng promotional materials

Through Allos, Dada Projects aims to give public recognition to artists, musicians and authors whose work may otherwise go unnoticed. Supporting work outside of conventioanl gallery and commercial environments, we hope to promote a freer access to the arts and encourage the continuation of creative work regardless of financial constraints.


Visual Art: Jim Sanders, WintZ, Enrica Casentini, Mauro Boscarato, Giovanni Kadez Battistin, Nini, Paul Ostrer

Music: Tim Harbridge, Jamie Sturrock

Literature: Paul Bailey, Laura Lockington, Horatio Clare, Chris Riddell

To see the full Allos program visit:

If you would like to find out more about our work please visit: or contact us at:

Thank you from the Allos team for your interest in our project!

Enrica CasentiniDOG101

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