All together for Italy

by Michele Ritucci in Flamstead, England, United Kingdom

All together for Italy
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Italy is the European epicenter of the Novel Coronavirus pandemic. The virus is killing hundreds of people every day...

by Michele Ritucci in Flamstead, England, United Kingdom

Hi everyone, my name is Michele and I am a Nurse Specialist with several years of working experience. I have been helping people and celebrated every time I could see someone going back to their normal life again.

Italy, my beautiful Country, has been severely hit by this Novel Coronavirus pandemic, which is killing hundreds of people every day and leaving thousands of families without their loved ones.

Hospital in northern Italy are under immense pressure, and hospital staff (Nurses and Doctors) are struggling to look after everyone.

I am raising money to help hospitals in Italy for buying equipment that could save lives, such as ventilators, surgical masks, tends for emergency units, and so on.

The human history has never seen something like this before. This pandemic is unprecedented and Italian people were given the hard task to tackle the pandemic and try to contain it.

They are not just helping themselves. They are helping the whole Europe right now. 

Let's give them what they need to look after all of us.

Your donation will save lives.

Thank you.

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