The All Things Must Pass Orchestra makes a video

The All Things Must Pass Orchestra makes a video

Funding the All Things Must Pass Orchestra video

We did it!

On 12th Mar 2016 we successfully raised £850 with 26 supporters in 28 days

The video

Seeing and hearing us play George Harrison's music live on film is a fantastic way to get us in front of more people; we know, and our fans tell us (Thankyou!) that the alchemy of a live performance of these songs is very special, bringing audience and musicians together in celebration.

Our video is on its way, giving us the chance to introduce ourselves to the world; a rare ten piece orchestra dedicated to the songs of George Harrison.  An orchestra who perform those songs with the spirit in which they were originally conceived.

Having a video we’re proud of will enable us to show many more people what we do; we can show just how the quality and beauty of George Harrison’s music stands out, the timeless quality of the lyrics;


As a group of working musicians,the video will get our message out -it would be great to get to the pointwhere our gigs pay!

The £3000 cost for the video reflects

planning/preparation/venue/props/decoration/venue/sound engineers/equipment/additional production staff/the film maker and all his post - production work.



All being well, Toby Madden (the film maker) will be able to release a small clip of the filmed material soon, so that we can show it to you.

Friends and fans say:

 “I thoroughly enjoyed Alex Eberhard's "All Things Must Pass" concert.Beyond music from that album, the show was a celebration of all of George Harrison's music, professionally and faithfully performed with love, respect and boundless enthusiasm.”(DH)

“Hi there.

Have just got back from your gig in Havant and felt compelled to put fingers to computer keyboard to say that I was absolutely blown away by it. (Blown away. See what I did there? Ha ha! Sorry - probably not very original.) I was the "Brainwashed" one in row K (c: Anyway, many thanks indeed for a truly fantastic evening. It was wonderful from start to finish, with some really nice surprises. Very refreshing that you didn't rely solely on the familiar songs. I don't think I ever expected to hear Try Some, Buy Some live, for a start! Stand-outs for me were Let It Down, Beware Of Darkness and Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth), although it almost seems unfair to single them out. It’s terrific that you’re spreading the word about how richly diverse George Harrison was musically, and I didn’t envy you having to draw up the set list! You are all amazing talents and I very much hope to see you in Chichester. Keep up the good work!” (JB)


“Alex, I'd read great things about the band so I arrived in Lewes last night with high expectations. Those expectations were exceeded by the quality of the performances. Anyone with even a tenuous interest in George's music would only leave elated. The musicianship and the fascinating selection of material from The Beatles and George's solo years resulted in a triumph! The audience reaction spoke volumes, they loved it. Looking forward to catching you all again soon.” (JM) 



More about the band 

The All Things Must Pass Orchestra was started by Alex Eberhard nearly three years ago, following the dream he'd had since boyhood, to show the great work of George Harrison.  It is very rare to find a ten piece Orchestra playing these songs.  Based in East Sussex, we're all working musicians, drawn to the particular qualities of George Harrison's music; his songs come from the heart, can be asymetrical and irregular, and one can see how naturally the rhythms lie, an advantage resulting from George's not having been conventionally schooled in music (as with the other Beatles)

In Alex's own words: 

"In my book it is about being true to oneself and getting to the essence of the music. We have played our show to hundreds of real George Harrison fans, and we get emails full of warmth and thankfulness..."

We have a selection of great messages from our fans on our website:  


30th Anniversary Limited Edition - FramedReward:

Here is the 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Advance Samplerwith 5 previously unreleased tracks which will go to a lucky fan at our Secret gig.


NB: As you may know, the ten members of the Orchestra are Alex Eberhard, Bernd Rest, Tony Williams, Dave Barnard, Lo Polidoro, Stella Clifford, Marianne Hillier - Brook, Simon Robinson, Philippe Guyard and Paul Nieman; the name that you see as the 'owner' of the page is that of Jessica, Paul's wife, who coordinated it. 

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