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All Things Gluten Free

Hand baked gluten free bread, biscuits, cakes and pastries plus recipes with ingredients packs.

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I'm Val and, like a growing number of people out there I have Coeliac disease. Initially this posed quite a challenge, trying to replace the many products (and not just the obvious ones) that I love to eat to that contain wheat, barley or rye. So much of our western diet contains gluten, something that most of us are probably not aware of until we are told we cannot have it!

I tried a lot of the gluten free products that are available in supermarkets and on prescription, and found them to be, in the main, unpalatable, unimaginative and very limited and I began to despair of ever enjoying the variety of tasty foods that I was used to. So, as I love baking it was time to get in the kitchen and start experimenting. I began to discover a whole new world of ingredients and possibilities. I have found that the recipes are a bit more complicated and the processes are a bit more convoluted, but the rewards are great! I started making some really good breads, delicious pastries, scrummy biscuits and gorgeous cakes that I love. So good in fact that it occurred to me that other people who have Coeliacs, or a wheat intolerance, or just find they feel better if they avoid gluten, would appreciate the opportunity to purchase some of the goodies I have learnt to make.

So here is my proposition, we (my partner and I) are opening a gluten free bakery. Its called All Things Gluten Free and we will sell, exclusively, all manner of gluten free baked goods plus other ready made produce to add variety to the gluten free diet. I also intend to offer dairy free and vegan options. Whenever possible I plan to use organic, free range ingredients.

But that's not all, when I came to start gluten free baking I found that a lot of the ingredients I needed were not readily available and if they were, often come with wildly inflated prices. So we want to buy in bulk, then sell in smaller quantities at a reasonable price. Not just resell individual ingredients though, but as recipe packs with detailed instructions, giving everyone the chance to make great gluten free food.

Still that is not enough, I want to offer taster events, where people can come along and try different gluten free treats and learn how to make them.

So what else, we don't believe in waste, so any unsold product will be delivered to local old peoples homes.

The bakery is happening, your pledge will help to fast track it, in terms of getting the right equipment to ensure we can meet demand and, critically, in communicating out to anyone who is gluten/wheat free and in need of something more inspiring in their diet.

We have a range of rewards if you would like to pledge, which, I hope you will agree represent excellent value, and can benefit you even if you live too far away to try our freshly baked goods. Please take a look. And if you have any ideas for products that you think we should make or sell please let us know, we are very interested in your ideas. If you would like to discuss pledging additional amounts please get in touch.

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