All The Rarest Coins At Prices You Can Afford

All The Rarest Coins At Prices You Can Afford

Fantasticly Priced Rewards: Kew Gardens 50p £29 - Undated 2008 20p £29 - Full Set Of 29 Olympic 50p Coins £49 Inc W/W delivery - Pledge Now!

We did it!

On 22nd Jul 2016 we successfully raised £1,134 with 18 supporters in 56 days

The last campaign was so successful I have decided to run it again, so if you missed out on the last one you can join this one.

(First and foremost apologies, I've labelled the 1952 sixpence as Queen Elizabeth but it's actually George 5th)

I'm a Numismatist (Coin Dealer) living in Dorset in the Southwest of England. I specialise in decimal coins although I cover over a hundred different countries and many denominations per country. I have small individual collectors among my customer base along with large businesses, supplying anything from one coin to a 6,000 coin order (my largest so far).

I also specialise in obtaining the rare and hard to get coins like the elusive Kew Gardens 50 pence and the 2008 Undated 20 pence coins. If your one of my eBay or Amazon customers and have come for either of those two coins, you will find them amongst the pledges on the right hand side of the page. Just click on the word 'pledge' for the reward you want and follow the prompts. Please make sure you read and understand all the information both here and in the individual pledges.

In the last round, the question I was asked the most was "what happens if you can't supply the coin(s) for any reason?" The answer to that is quite simple. If for any reason I can't supply and I fail in my endeavours I will offer a refund plus at least 5% on top. I will have had your money for at least a month so it's only right and proper if I  do have to make a refund, I give the customer something on top to have made it worth their while. Of course I will be working hard to make sure I don't make a single refund.

No money is taken from you when you pledge, that's why it's called a pledge and not a payment, I don't physically get the money given to me from the crowdfunder people (this site) until this campaign finishes. The exact date and time it finishes is on the right hand side near the top of this page. Once the time runs out and this campaign finishes, the money you pledged is then taken from you (not before) and then passed on to me.

I then have a large sum of money to play with because I get all the pledges at once. This means I have more 'power to my elbow' and influence with the financial institutions I deal with. In lay mans terms, I (and my helpers) can then go through ten thousand coins a day! This is how I can guarantee finding the coins. I have worked out that we find one Kew Gardens 50p or one Undated 20p in every 15,000 to 20,000 coins. Both are super rare and both can easily be sold for £65 (current prices) or more.

So why don't I just keep them all and make massive profits? I hear you ask! The more cash one has to play with the easier they are to find. What your doing is giving me the money upfront and waiting for the coin (see delivery date on reward). I'm not greedy so if your prepared to give me the money upfront so I have all the cash I need at the banks, then it's only fair you get something out of it too, hence the fantastic price (see the rewards).

Like I said, I'm not greedy, none of us here are greedy. Even though I will be selling the coin (in the case of the Kew Gardens) to you for half the price, it is still only costing me 50p and at half price I'm still selling the coin to you for 60x its face value or (in the case of the undated 20p) 150x it's face value/what it costs me. That is one hell of a mark up, so I figure why be greedy. 

Some rewards are limited so that we don't literally sell thousands we can't deliver. When more than one person has pledged for a reward, the reward will be sent on a first come first served basis, the last person to pledge on a reward will obviously be the last person to recieve it.

Delivery Dates

The delivery dates vary, some items we will have readily available and so can deliver them straight away (it will say on the reward) and some like the speciality coins mentioned above, we will be using your money to get and so the delivery is quoted at longer. The delivery date specified on the reward is not the actual delivery date, it is the maximum delivery date that we are quoting. If we find your coin earlier and you are next in line, then the coin is sent straight away. Because we have no idea of exactly when we will find the coin we have to give a maximum delivery date that will give us enough time  'just in case' it takes us a bit longer.

You are welcome to pledge on the same item more than once (there is no quantity field, I realise it is a pain in the bum doing the process twice if you want two but that's out of my hands I'm afraid, sorry about that).

I was asked by someone if they could pledge £2,000 on Kew Gardens or Undated 20p's. This same answer applies to anyone thinking of pledging for a large volume; You are more than welcome to pledge as much as you want to, however the more you buy (of the speciality coins), the longer you will have to wait for the last one to arrive. We will not keep them all and send all at once, with the speciality coins we will send them out as soon as we get them. If you buy a large quantity then you can expect the deliveries to be staggered, as soon as we get the coin we will send it, so if you bought ten you might get one a week then two in a week and so on until we have fully furnished your order.

If it worked for us last time why are we doing it again? I've decided I would much rather me and my small team have work that has been paid for in advance. We know what we are doing from week to week and if we are backed up with orders on an advance order basis, we have guaranteed work and I can guarantee my helpers regular work. It quite literally is win win for everyone. Internet sites like eBay don't allow the sale of advance orders, whereas here it works a treat!

My personal Facebook and Twitter are connected so you have another level of security and if you would like my personal email or telephone number you only have to ask.

This is the only project I have seen, and I have looked at thousands in my time, where you can quite literally double your money on a pledge. The Kew Gardens 50p and Undated 20p can both be sold just about immediately for double what you will pay me, don't take my word for it but have a look yourself, then come back and make that pledge!

Thank you very kindly for taking the time to read my info and for those people sharing on Facebook and Twitter etc, thank you very kindly too. If you have made a pledge thank you very kindly three!


You can win a set of 29 Olympic Coins just for sharing on Facebook and Twitter etc, winners will be announced on our Facebook page which is

You can also win a set of Olympic 50p coins by making a pledge. We will put the name of everyone that makes a pledge into a bag. You will get one free entry per pledge regardless of the pledge amount. If you make 3 pledges you go into the bag 3 times. Both of these are free draws. They will be fair.

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