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Fruity thanks1


The trees were planted yesterday!

Thank you so much for all those that backed the project and all those that came down and helped dig the holes and plant the trees and eat the cakes!

It was a super afternoon and the rain and the hail held off just long enough - it was fantastic to see the trees go in and stand proud in the field.

The school now has two apple tree, two pears (one is a cooking one) and one plum. I hope that they grow strongly and yield baskets of fruit year after year after year.

I am hoping that I can arrange for a chef to visit the school in the autumn to do a simple little demonstration of fruit cooking for the kids - I doubt, because of the delay in delivery and planting, that we will be able to use All Saints' own fruit but you never know! 

Thank you all, once again, for all your support, help and assistance. Will be in touch.


Tree-day 2 - Saturday 22 March 2014


Tree-day will actually be this very Saturday - 22 March 2014 (weather permitting!). 

The trees finally arrived, after all of the delays due to rain and flooding and water-logged pitches, last week. They have been settling into their new surrounds under a temporary blanket of John Innes No.2 but will be moving to their new permanent housing on Saturday.

There are five holes to dig and five trees to plant. I am hoping to get down to the school with a spade and a tape measure for about 2pm but the fun will really kick-off at about 3pm when the Farnham Herald are due to come along to record the event. I think the Head will be making an official announcement, and inviting everyone along tomorrow or Thursday.

Plans are also afruit for our first crop, hopefully in the Autumn...

Thanks again!!!




Tree-day will be at some point during the week beginnig 24 February 2014. No precise date yet but the school is looking at when and how we get them planted up - hoping to get the kids and local press involved somehow... fingers crossed...

Thanks again!

ps - I've also paid over the excess monies to the school so that they can put it to good use on other projects.

They are coming


Breaking: just had an email confirming that our trees should be with us before the end of the month... precise date is not available yet but they are coming... 

Long overdue...


So first things first - apologies for the lengthy delay in getting a further update to you.

As you can see the funding was hugely successful - we've raised way in excess of our target. But never fear, the additonal monies will be paid over to the school for other good projects just as soon as I recieve them from Crowdfunder so nothing goes to waste. 

The trees are on order but, because of the exceeding bad weather, have been delayed - the ground is simply far too wet to dig them up and far too sodden to plant them... so we're not going to get them until things improve a little - but no matter, they are definitely coming!

I'm hoping that when we get a delivery date I'll be able to advertise a grand planting event... bring a shovel... and we're looking into inviting some press down to report on the project and some of the fruity goings-on at All Saints...

And there is more churning at the back of my mind for something around the time of our first All Saints fruit harvest... but more of that another time...

Once again, thanks to you all for your generousity and patience

Project Open... Project Funded


Well, that was straightforward!

A massive, fruity thank you to our magnificently juicy backers who have blown all the records out of the water by fully funding the trees on day one!

I am so thrilled and so excited that this little seed of an idea has grown into a mini-orchard for All Saints - I know the school will be equally delighted and will be looking forward to getting the trees delivered and planted... I'm sure that they can't wait to start picking the apples, pears, plums and quince and helping the kids learn all about the wonderful world of fruit.

Still feeling my way on this so bear with me but watch this space!

Thanks again!

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