All Pamir and No Idea: Mongol Rally 2017

All Pamir and No Idea: Mongol Rally 2017

To raise funds to support All Pamir and No Idea, a team of two young men who aim to drive a small, unsuitable vehicle from UK to Mongolia

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

All Pamir and No Idea is Sam Ovenall and Luke Sadler. Together they are one of the teams participating in the 2017 Mongol Rally.

To find out more about what exactly they are doing this summer, take a look at their Facebook page, here you can have a little read about the journey they're embarking on from July 16, you can LIKE their page to FOLLOW their progress as they gear up to set off and keep up with them as they move steadily across Europe and Asia in the name of ADVENTURE and to raise awareness for CHARITY.

Essentially though, these two lads will be driving a small, unsuitable vehicle (rumoured to be a 1998 Nissan Micra) from Goodwood Motor Circuit in the UK to the middle of Siberia via Mongolia!

This GoFundMe page has been set up so that you can help make this happen. The boys have had to quit their jobs in order to take on this challenge and could really do with all the support they can get. If enough people make the smallest contribution, a lot can be raised very quickly and help carry them through to the finish line in Uland Ude, Russia.

A few examples of the mounting costs that are unavoidably incurred by attempting this are; the multiple visas required for the far flung nations they'll traverse, insurances and other legal documentation necessary, flights to get out of Russia, a vehicle to make the whole thing possible, food and general sustenance to make sure they don't die and general equipment to keep the wheels in motion.

But of course, the whole purpose of them doing this is to raise awareness for two very worthy charity organisations and additionally an absolute minimum of £1000 will be donated to Cool Earth and Prostate Cancer UK . Check out those links to find out a bit more about those charities, but it is absolutely certain that the work they are doing is going to be beneficial to you at some point in your life and it is well worth supporting them in their efforts.

Sam and Luke have been on BBC radio recently to talk about their upcoming fundraising adventure and have also been featured in the local newspaper. Again you can find out more about all of this by following these links and listening/reading what's been shared.

Dig deep, but if you can literally only afford to make the absolute minimum contribution here, it would make such a massive difference. If you all give a little, a lot will be raised!

Thank you in advance. Enjoy watching their journey unfold! + Read More

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