All in the Mind Festival

All in the Mind Festival

Arts festival aimed at challenging preconceived ideas about mental health.

We did it!

On 20th May 2016 we successfully raised £185 with 12 supporters in 56 days

Fluid Motion Theatre Company presents All in the Mind, the first in what is hoped to be an annual arts festival in Basingstoke aimed at challenging preconceived ideas about mental health. The festival will bring together local artists, young people and the wider community as we aim to celebrate the artistic achievements of people with experience of mental health issues. 

The All in the Mind festival will take place on Saturday 18th June from 11am -4pm at our office in Basingstoke. The aim is to take over this formal business space and transform it into a buzzing arts environment for the day that will celebrate the artistic achievements of people with experience of mental health issues.

We have had over ten proposals already from local artists and members of the community who would like to perform or present at our festival and we hope for many more. 

Some of our acts so far:

Chris Sav's 'Dissapointman'

Chris Sav

Chris is an artist, writer and performer. He draws disappointing superheroes, writes about falling over, and sings songs about vegetables. He's currently trying to form a seafood based boyband.  

Disappointman is a hero with the power to be endlessly disappointing. He likes wearing odd socks and drinking nettle tea. He and his pals are attempting to make sense of the world through seemingly inconsequential moments in everyday life. You can find them on the CALM website, attempting to battle feelings of despair and anxiety with strange chat-up lines, awkward musicals and talking cupcakes.


Chris will be displaying his work as well as presenting a short talk on how he came up with his superhero Dissapointman. 


Leigh Johnstone

Leigh is the Artistic Director of Fluid Motion Theatre Company as well as a freelance  writer, actor and director.

Leigh is developing an autobiographical performance piece about growing up with a parent  who is addicted to alcohol working in partnership with the University of Winchester and University of Southampton. The performance explores themes of childhood trauma, isolation, and avoidance.

Leigh will be performing a short extract of the work during the festival.




Laura Greenway

Laura is a local Basingstoke based artist. Primarily a painter, her practice centres around her own experiences with mental illness, particularly OCD, depression and psychosis. She creates expressionistic abstract paintings that explore colour in relation to emotion, as well as using art as therapy to examine feelings and present them to her audience. 


Why we need your support

We have received no grant funding or other financial support for this festival, therefore we need to raise money for all the costs ourselves  We care too passionately about creating a positive and successful event that we are running the day entirely voluntary. We do need help covering the following costs:

  • Publicity - To showcase our festival and the talents of our artists and performers to the wider community.
  • Technical Equipment - People need to hear our brilliant acts, therefore we will need to hire PA's, speakers and mics for the day.
  • Exhibition Stands - We have several artists displaying work and we need to be able to showcase each piece of art in the best possible way.

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