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by Alistockwarehouse in Langholm, Dumfries and Galloway, United Kingdom


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Connecting Dropshippers With Available Products From a Live Instock UK/EU Inventory of Alibaba Suppliers/Manufacturers For Fast UK Delivery

by Alistockwarehouse in Langholm, Dumfries and Galloway, United Kingdom

All In One Ecommerce Dropshipping Sourcing ,Fulfillment & Warehousing Solution for Dropshippers, Sellers, Alibaba Manufacturers & Suppliers.

"Bringing Suppliers, Sellers & Dropshippers Together" 

This is our goal ! 



After our initial contact with the guys @ Shopify ,

They suggested that we develop this as an App for The Shopify App Store, 

We were even more thrilled when the Shopify Devs Team recommended that we have it developed in time to enter the current App Development Competition they are running, 

If we reach our funding target our priority is now focused firstly on developing & launching on the Shopify App Store as recommended by them.

This outstanding response & feedback from Shopify themselves is a great boost for us, so Thank You Shopify.

The website owners & dropshippers using this Ecommerce platform will benefit from a great product sourcing resource via our new planned App.

I am Scott , I currently own & run

We are the Official Approved UK Partner / Retailer of Spider Farmer , MarsHydro , Osram Fluence & GeekLight Full Spectrum LED  Lights

I have to source products on a regular basis for our website & since Brexit it has become harder & harder for dropshippers in the UK & EU to source the products they need for resale on their websites.

Having experienced this difficult almost impossible task myself , it gave me the inspiration to start this venture ,

Dropshippers & Sellers spend endless hours searching online in places such as Alibaba & Aliexpress for new products to sell on their websites , finding mainly shrinking opportunities these days it seems, 

We want to change this ! Bringing together a list of products from Alibaba Suppliers / Manufacturers who have actual stock in UK / EU inventory. The Ali suppliers will sell more units & sellers will be made aware of what is available in real time scenario allowing trade to flow & grow !

At the moment there is no way for independent dropshippers / sellers to find all the Alibaba / Aliexpress products they need in the one place, This would let you see exactly what stock is in the UK & EU warehouses in real time.

Having access to this information will allow sellers to purchase products that are already in the UK & EU allowing these orders / products to be delivered quickly, 

As all dropshippers are aware, customers just wont wait 30 days or more for items to arrive. Our new resource will allow sellers to make informed buying choices & offer quick delivery / shipping to their website customers. 

Stock that is sent from warehouses within the UK or EU arrive in an average of 5 days, The improved delivery times will allow sellers to make more sales uplifts & conversions on their Ecommerce platform.

The business is designed for suppliers and manufacturers to benefit from more sales if their stock is readily available in local countries inventory ( similar to Amazon FBA ) and dropshippers / sellers will benefit as they will gain lots of new customers as they will now have access to all the products and goods available on Alibaba but in stock in UK or EU




We Plan To Market this as a Monthly / Annual Subscription Package .

 It is a dropshipping sourcing resource tool to link Alibaba Chinese & Overseas suppliers & Manufacturers who have UK inventory in stock in the UK,

 with dropshippers who use Alibaba & Aliexpress etc to source and purchase in stock available products for quick local delivery from them

"Bringing Suppliers, Sellers & Dropshippers Together"


UK Ecommerce Fulfillment Warehouse UK - Your UK Fulfillment Partner Third Party Logistics in the UK,

What the business offers our clients (Sellers)

UK Ecommerce Fulfillment Warehouse UK - Your UK Fulfillment Partner Third Party Logistics UK we help online shops to efficiently expand their Ecommerce business & Websites Sales By Having Stock From Suppliers / Manufacturers Available in the UK for Fast delivery to your customers

We will run and operate these websites / domains to funnel all interest in sourcing Alibaba / Aliexpress products already stored in UK warehouses for Clients to choose from , here is the list of the other websites we own & will run and manage
(Please email [email protected] for more details)
We plan to use the funding we raise here if successful to fully redevelop the website.

To raise our profile in China using Social Media campaigns and marketing ads to attract more attention to our business & the benefits it can offer to Alibaba traders using us to reach waiting UK & EU Dropshippers to buy their range of goods when instock for fast delivery from within the UK or EU.

What Is an Ecommerce Dropshipping Fulfillment Warehousing Business?

What the business offers our Overseas clients (Alibaba Suppliers & manufacturers)

Our Ecommerce fulfillment warehousing business involves storing products and goods purchased from a manufacturer, keeping those items in our safe & secure facility (Locations in UK & EU Mainly ,We also have Warehouse Partnerships in ,US, CAN & AUS) We can then deliver them on your behalf & request or arrange local quick fulfillment by courier etc.

We pride ourselves on assisting suppliers & manufacturers to sell their products much faster & in storing their products / goods before they’re sold on to dropshipping customers for resale.

The right warehousing solutions are at the core of every business offering Ecommerce goods and products in a timely manner, This is essential to keep & gain new customers .

Gain more sales as a result of having your products already in stock in the UK / EU for your clients and sellers who can then have orders sent out quickly and securely to their website retail customers.

We also offer additional logistics and supply chain solutions outside warehousing, including:
Inventory management
Third-party logistics
Order fulfillment services
In-house fulfillment services

E-commerce businesses are typically those that need warehousing solutions most. Since they don’t have a physical shop or storage warehouse, they need to find a way to keep their products safe before those reach their customers’ doorsteps.

We take care of all that for our clients , leaving them precious time to drive sales knowing that sourcing stock is not an issue as it is dispatched locally & quickly.

All In One Ecommerce Sourcing ,Fulfillment & Warehousing Solution for Dropshippers & Suppliers.



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