Help my Alice In Wonderland woodcuts to reach UK

Help my Alice In Wonderland woodcuts to reach UK

Help my illustrations for “Alice In Wonderland” made in form of woodcuts to reach UK.

We did it!

On 2nd Mar 2016 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 42 days

What about my project?

Thank you very much for taking time to read my project!



Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland” is one of my favorite fairy tales I read as a child and I still love it. It's one of the few stories where a brave girl is the protagonist and lives amazing adventures (usually there's a boy), surrounded by lot of animals and bizarre characters. I’ve always been fond of the cat and the rabbit made me laugh. Not talking about the giant dog puppy, the evil Queen of Hearts, the Un-Birthdays and some other details and characters.

I had already the book in Italian, but later an English friend gave me this wonderful book above, in English. I always prefer original stuff!

Britain is still celebrating the 150th anniversary of the book written by Lewis Carroll.

I would like to submit my artworks dedicated to Alice and be taken into consideration for some exhibitions in UK and I thought to make them in form of woodcuts, a technique I find fascinating and good for illustrations. My region, Emilia Romagna, got a good tradition of fine artists who worked with woodcut print methods.


The woodcut will be 12, one of each chapter.

They will be made using two blocks (two colors), size of each block about 10,5 x 10,5 cm on sheets about 21 x 30 cm.

Each drawing will be printed in limited edition of 20, enumerate, dated and signed.

I’m planning to make all the woodcuts ready by April 2016.


Below, some sketches I've made already:



About the technique.

Woodcut, also known as Xylography, is an ancient technique of printing drawings on paper using a block of wood carved by the artist. There were different methods in times and countries.


I get on loan words on the technique from the book “The Woodcut Artist's Handbook: Techniques and Tools for Relief Printmaking”:

<< The history of woodcuts goes back more than a thousand years. Working carefully and with great precision, the woodcut artist carves a mirror image of a design on wood or other suitable material. The design is then inked and pressed against paper. The technique allows the artist to create an almost unlimited number of impressions of the same work. …>>

  (coloring blocks before starting to carve them)


Wood used for a woodcut must be clean, well seasoned and perfectly flat in all directions. There are different types of wood good for blocks, despite soft woods are not good for details.


Even the paper must have the correct thickness and be pH neutral or acid free.


The final result could be a bit different from the sketches, as it is a very handcrafted technique and changes under your hands if you find better solutions while working on the block.

Here a website which explains better the technique:


(below, a carved block and the final result, from my early works)


What I need and about the rewards.

What I need is a contribution to make the woodcuts.

I have already some accessories and four blocks in my studio and the proceeds will be used for more blocks, inks, paper and postage for the eventual exhibitions and your rewards.


(the accessories and some sketches)




Between the rewards, there are original woodcuts and, since I make ceramic and decorations as well, some other colored goodies inspired by my drawings. Good for collectors of everything Alice In Wonderland! Or for collectors of coasters, magnets and so on…

All the goodies are made by me! So you have also the chance to get an original piece of majolica from the city of Faenza, one of the main cities of ceramic in Italy. The city that gave the name to this kind of pottery!

Frames for drawing and woodcuts will not be included, to make postage safer.


(below, some example of Alice's bookmarks I made for Christmas 2015)




Thank you very much for any contribution you can give to my work, even just spreading the word with your friends or other lovers of Alice will be much appreciated!

Feel free to ask me more information.

Take a look to updates to see the progress.




Risks and challenges?

I want to make my own version of the characters, trying to avoid the influence of the famous John Tenniel’s illustrations or the Walt Disney’s animated movie.

At the moment I’m doing the sketches, waiting to buy the other blocks and start the work.

For the final printing on paper, I don’t have a printing press because is much expensive, for the moment I use a proper stick, so they will be 100% handmade! The woodcut of the church above was printed with the stick.



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