Alice Cracked

Alice Cracked

Our aim is to produce our promenade theatre performance Alice Cracked and bring to life the untold stories of 5 women from different eras.

We did it!

On 16th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £262 with 5 supporters in 56 days

Ultimately, there are so few roles for women, especially queer women, in theatre.  We as a theatre company want to see more roles created for women and thus we began to research the untold stories of several women throughout history.  

Through our search we found five women all called Alice whose stories held something for us. Although we could only find the bare bones in terms of information about them, we worked at fleshing them out during the devising process, using our own life experiences as women and our imaginations. 

Although initially seeming quite random and vastly different from each other in outlook and epoch, we began to see how these five Alices started to connect - both to each other and then to us.  Each time we perform the play - another vital connection is made - with the imaginations of our audience.  These women, whose stories have remained untold on the dusty shelves of history, finally have a chance to be picked up, dusted off and really seen and understood.

We have performed two runs of Alice Cracked in Brighton - the first at The Rock pub in May 2011 and the second at The Regency Tavern in October 2011. We worked to bring the atmosphere of these different establishments into our play to make the performances relevant not just to who we were playing but where we were playing.  We are constantly adapting and evolving our script to the spaces where we perform and parts of the play are improvised  - allowing us to adapt each performance to the audience we are working with.

From Thursday 6th to Sunday 9th July 2017, we will be resurrecting Alice Cracked for a different time and new audiences.  We will be returning to the first space this play was performed - previously known as The Rock pub - now called (ironically) The Mad Hatter.  

Your money will be going towards:

1. Hire of the venue.

2. Cost of marketing - we intend to put adverts in local newspapers and magazines as well as local radio stations.  We also intend to produce posters and fliers.

3. Cost of lighting.  We want a professional look to our performance and for this to be achievable, we need decent lighting.

4. Cost of sound production.  This performance will have several songs and soundscapes as part of it to help bring our characters to life. We will have to pay for the hire of equipment to do this job.

5. Costume.  We will pay for the hire of costumes and for the resources to make our own where necessary.

6.  Set and props.  A major aspect of this form of promenade theatre is a set that helps us to tell the story.  We will have five major spaces to fill.

7.  Last but by no means least, we would like to be able to pay our artists for their time, their talents and their energy for this project.

We hope you will be able to help us by funding this performance and once again we will tell the stories of these women who all want their lives to be witnessed and their truths heard.

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