The Astonishing Adventures of Alfred

by Joe & Rory in London, England, United Kingdom

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A comedy web-series pilot that tells the story of Alfred, an adventurous 1950's schoolboy with a magical magnifying glass.

by Joe & Rory in London, England, United Kingdom

ALFRED, a 1950’s ten-year-old schoolboy who loves to go on wonderful adventures, has come into possession of a magical magnifying glass - through mysterious circumstances. 

THE ASTONISHING ADVENTURES OF ALFRED chronicles the story of Alfred; an innocent, curious and adventurous child - as he explores the quaint British countryside, solving mysteries along his way. 

But what if Bernard actually split the fabric of time with his watch? What if The Famous Five actually got too close to a drug smuggling ring? What are the consequences of children single-handedly taking on hardened criminals and meddling with supernatural forces?

Through this pilot and ultimately three-part web-series, Alfred may discover that the power he has been gifted is too much for a child to handle.

Expect mild peril in his first outing:

The latest and largest scale project from London comedy collective Joe & Rory; THE ASTONISHING ADVENTURES OF ALFRED follows debut short film DEANO and continues the theme of parodying the notion of Britishness, using surrealism to juxtapose this whimsical Blyton-esque children’s adventure. 

Our goal is to continue to develop our distinct voice and find our place in an evolving British comedy scene with content that’s more daring, more experimental and truly original. 

100% of the money raised will go directly into the pilot, be it towards camera, lighting & sound equipment, paying additional actors and crew, transport, location, props, costume, makeup or post-production. We will be shooting in September 2019, with post-production and release to be completed by October 2019.


JOE PEARSON - Director

Joe is an artist, writer and animator, whose comedic work has been featured on CollegeHumor. A graduate of Slade School of Fine Art and current postgraduate student at the Royal Academy Schools, his work has been exhibited in major institutions including Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art and the Royal Academy of Art.

RORY CARGILL - Producer, Writer & Actor

Rory is an experienced filmmaker, who has worked with brands such as Sony, BBC & Google. As a stand-up comedian he has shared the stage with Frankie Boyle and Tom Stade. A writer and producer, he also plays the titular Alfred and will provide Sound Design in post-production.

JOSH BLACK - Director of Photography

Josh is an award-nominated cinematographer [British Society of Cinematographers: Emerging Cinematographer Award] whose work spans short film, documentary and art installation. He’s the man who will be helping us to create the imagery of a storybook come to life and navigate us through the challenge of cutting between a man playing a child and a child body double.

We have the script, the know-how and the crew in place; now we just need the funding. 


Thank you for looking, every halfpenny counts.

Joe & Rory x 


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