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Help support the costs of Alex Salmond's Judicial Review in the Court of Session.

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Dougie Scott 1st September 2018

The focus maybe on the Scottish government & the SNP but I suspect Theresa May and the Westminster establishment are behind this, fight them Alex you have my full support !

linda.wright 1st September 2018

Stop them in their tracks, Alex! We need to make sure that victims are protected, and you are as much a victim in this. But we also need to ensure that women (and men) feel safe to lodge a complaint of sexual harassment, or we've gone back too many steps. So you have to tread a fine line. Fight the appalling failure in process that led to this, but keep open the doors for those being harassed to feel free to speak up. Someone out there thought it was a good idea to take on Wee Eck. Big Mistake.

Stuart West 1st September 2018

Alex Salmond's service to our country cannot be over-estimated. Only too glad to join the thousands who are rallying to assist him in clearing his name.

Jan Foley 1st September 2018

This is a travesty of justice at the moment. Trial By Media MUST be stopped, and leaks must be punished. Weaponising the issue of sexual harrassment does neither the accused or the accusers any favours. At all.

Andrew Hall 1st September 2018

We the People of Scotland shall not allow our beloved former First Minister who has more integrety and milk of human kindness than the whole of Westminster to be defamed by the Political Warfare Department and the Westminster establishment. Soar Alba

David Swan 1st September 2018

The ability of anyone to access justice must not be impeded by financial sanction, regardless of personal wealth, or perceived wealth. Innocent until proven guilty is the cornerstone of our system, and any impediment to this which exists within the process must be examined and if need be addressed, not just for this instance but for the benefit of our society.

SUSAN BROWN 1st September 2018

I'm a woman and certainly would not condone any kind of sexual impropriety in the workplace. I don't know you Mr Salmond and I am not a wealthy person so this donation has been well thought out. I believe confidentiality must be respected until found guilty then let's sing it from the rooftops. This money is not for your defence but to help fight an unfairness in the proceedures in this case.

Roddy Clark 1st September 2018

Ok. This isn’t my donation as I have already done that. This is my pals donation who is a technically challenged, Tory voting, pink world map sort of person! I know! What can I say! Friends !!!!

maclugash 1st September 2018

I am disgusted that people should get off with leaking allegations. I am sickened that people probably get a lot of money for the ensuing stories to newspapers. I am glad you want to stand up for some rights for accused people. In Scotland the accused are innocent until proved guilty - but the intermediate effect of bad publicity can be devastating. Cliff Richards had a hellish time. Pleased to back your crowdfunding for fairness.

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