Alex to Climb Mt Kilimanjaro for ChildReach Int.

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Hi! My name is Alex and will be climbing Mt Kilimanjaro for ChildReach International, a movement of international childrens rights charities

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Hi! My name is Alex and I am a Student in Electronic Engineering at the University of Hull. This august I will be travelling out to Tanzinia to visit a ChildReach project and climb Mt Kilimanjaro in aid of the Charity. 

ChildReach International

Loosely based in the UK, ChildReach International do inspiring work in 7 countries accorss the world.

In Brazil for example they have opened a Circus school to develop childrens self-esteem, intrapersonal skills and creativity. Also in Brazil, ChildReach run the Viva a Vida Project which works in schools with Children to teach them about drug abuse and the alternatives for work. You can take a look at some footage of the circus school here:

In Nepal, ChildReach have been busy rebuilding schools after the recent earthquake there and are working on protecting children from Trafficking through Teaching, #TaughtNotTrafficked. Shockingly enough, Children are the fastest growing commodity in the world. Children are not a commoidty and the Trafficking of children must be stopped. 

In Morrocco, ChildReach are building an education centre in the High Atlas Region. In India there are 3 projects, one of which is also being run in London. While the execution may be different the principle is much the same: My School, My voice. The project aims to provide a safe space for Children to discuss their rights and let them know how to report abuses. Educating children on their rights is proving to be a successful method of empowering them to stna dup for their rights. 

In Bangladesh, ChildReach have been working in the slums of Dhaka to provide Childcare and a safe enviroment for Children who work in garment factories.

In Tanzinia, ChildReach opened the first deaf school in the country, providing education to deaf children that they otherwise simply wouldnt have had access to. They also run the School Farming Project, which helps provide the help, tools and skills needed to set up a farm next to schools to allow each child to have access to a hot meal each day aiding concentration and allowing the children there to learn. Since the start of the school farming project average school attendance in the area rose to 92% from 70% and the percentage of underweight children fell from 20% to just 7%. Since this project started ChildReach have helped over 20000 children through this project and estimate to help their millionth child this year. There is some seriously incredible work being done here. 

The Challange

So this August I will be travelling out to Tanzinaia to climb Mount Kilinajaro to help raise vital funds for ChildReach International and it's going to be no mean feet. Kilimanjaro is the tallest free standing mountain in the world, standing at 5895m above sea level. It will take me months of training to prepare for the challange but it'll all be worth it when I see the work that ChildReach do first hand. Although I will be paying for a large portion of the trip, some funds will be spent on travel expenses. 

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