Alborada Magazine Issue 3

Alborada Magazine Issue 3

Alborada is an independent magazine devoted to Latin America

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On 31st Oct 2016 we successfully raised £905 with 43 supporters in 28 days

Support independent journalism by helping Alborada crowdfund its magazine on Latin American politics, media and culture.


Alborada is an independent platform for Latin America-related issues such as politics, media and culture. We organise documentary screenings and talks about the region, offering perspectives rarely found in the mainstream media.


We have launched a crowdfunding campaign for the third issue of Alborada Magazine. We’d like to raise £1500 to part-fund the costs of printing, design and promotion. We have some great rewards to offer: music CDs, T-shirts and books along with current and past issues:

Our first two issues have offered a progressive take on the most important issues in Latin America today, reporting on the stories, people and movements from across the region. To continue this work we need your support.

(More information on issue three's content can be found at the end of this message.)

At the moment we’re working on issue three, with 2,000 copies to be printed by the end of October. We have several new editors who have joined the magazine. All editors and writers contribute to the magazine on a voluntary basis.

We will shortly launch a new website with online exclusives, magazine and multimedia content which will put Alborada at the heart of progressive English-language debate on Latin America. By supporting us, you will play an important role in shaping this debate.

So, if you believe in the importance of independent journalism, please consider supporting our crowdfunding campaign.

The names of all the kind people who have donated to the crowdfunding campaign will be listed on a webpage. If you do not want your name to be listed, just let us know.

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For more information about Alborada Magazine, including links to previous issues, please visit:

We welcome ideas and all types of feedback.

Thanks for reading and for your support.

Pablo Navarrete & Nick MacWilliam


Editors/Publishers, Alborada magazine


Entirely independent and self-financed, Alborada Magazine looks at the issues, the people and the movements in Latin America today. Our team of journalists, activists, academics, writers and film bods presents the stories untold in the mainstream media. 

After the success of our first two issues, we are currently developing number three, which, among other topics, will examine:

- how communities in Brazil and Argentina are resisting the rise of the political right 

- Colombia's peace process and the Wayuu struggle in La Guajira

- the life and legacy of Honduran environmental activist Berta Caceres

- women of resistance in music

- the impact of gentrification on London's Latin American community

- the fight for justice for Chilean folk singer Victor Jara and the victims of Pinochet's dictatorship

- how democratic food sovereignty projects are fighting corporate agriculture

- Chavismo's prospects in Venezuela

- and much more, including features, interviews and reviews

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