Albion Skate Store

Albion Skate Store

Albion is a safe environment created to cater to our community's needs and ensure a tranquil space that all are welcome into - we need you.

We did it!

On 19th Aug 2015 we successfully raised £140 with 4 supporters in 28 days

Project aim

To continue the presence of a skater-owned and run skateboard retailer in our local community. 

About the project

Providers of all your skateboarding needs. Albion's ethos relies on building a safe haven and enviorment for people of all ages to comfortable come in, chill out, grab a tea or coffee, have a chat and get the much needed information and advice as well as the physical products. The individual identity and aesthetic that Albion are building from the ground upwards will bring new style and flare; steering away from the expected norm of a standard commercial skate store. Skateboarding - as well as all other counter-cultures - are collective familes segragted into localised communities. Albion's intentions are to cater to our community and provide a space that all are welcome into. 

So, this is where we would love your support. Unfortuantly due to the nature of our starting period, we didn't have enough time in order to secure an appropriate amount of stock to turnover and replinish while taking profit away to cover all of the essential overheads (we started with around a quarter of the stock needed to secure a healthy constant turnover). We've been open for around seven months now, and we've managed to turnover and replinish in a relatively regular pattern, however, because we started with such a little amount of stock - although we've managed to continuosly update - stock levels have been slowly decreasing due to high overhead charges; therefore profit margins are slowly decreasing and overheads are becoming more difficult to cover.

We at Albion want to continue what's been created and the sense of community that's been encapsulated in-store, and feel that a social hub is essential for counter-cultures to thrive.

We'd be honoured and grateful for any sort of donation to ensure the continuation of Albion. 

Thank you for taking the time to read.




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