Al Mahadul Islami girls side renovation

by Nasmeen Akhtar in Bradford, England, United Kingdom

Al Mahadul Islami girls side renovation
We did it
On 16th July 2019 we successfully raised £205 with 8 supporters in 28 days

To generate funds towards the renovation of each classroom at the girl side of Al Mahadul Islami madrasa. The building is used for studies.

by Nasmeen Akhtar in Bradford, England, United Kingdom

Assalaamualaykum ww.  Hope this message finds everyone in the best of imaan and aafiya. 

A simple request: if everyone can post this message on their Facebook,  Instagram,  snapchat and WhatsApp groups. May Allaah Paak reward and accept from you. May He(swt) preserve and protect the Deen and imaan of many generations to come. May this simple act be a means of salvation for our families and friends in this Duniya and Aakhira. May  giving sadaqa fi sabeelillaah for this and other worthy causes be the means of all our pious and jaaiz haajaats being fulfilled by the Mercy and Grace of Allaah Paak. 

Give as little as you wish and as much as you want.  May Allaah Paak reward you immensely and immediately.  

Jazaakumullaahu khair wa ahsanal jazaa.

We are trying to raise money to renovate the girls side classrooms. Each classroom will be fitted with new carpet, new furniture, new cupboards, a wash basin. Each classroom will be re plastered and fitted with a electronic whiteboard.

The madrasa is used to teach girls 5+ islamic studies, Quran recitation. We cater for the Alima course and Hifz course.

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