Akila Dolls for every child to see their beauty

by Olivia Thompson in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

Akila Dolls for every child to see their beauty
We did it
On 15th June 2020 we successfully raised £6,138 with 144 supporters in 41 days

Akila Dolls are looking to raise £6,000, to manufacture the prototype of the first doll design and packaging.

by Olivia Thompson in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

The bigger plan

If it was not for people like yourself, Akila Dolls would not be where it is now. With your continued support and help I have big dreams for the Akila Dolls future.

The next steps

  • Design a disability doll
  • Expand on designing another diverse doll 
  • Expand into designing boy dolls
  • Expanding the accessories range, to include dresses, shoes, tops and so much more.

I have big dreams for Akila Dolls, this is not just my journey but all of ours.

Introducing Akila Dolls 

Hi ! I’m Olivia and I run Akila Dolls from my small flat in Leeds.

The meaning of Akila is, ruler of everything in the world, brave, beautiful and intelligent. This strong and meaning full messages is what the Akila brand wants to deliver to both young boys and girls. That we can all be the ruler of our own world, we are brave, beautiful and intelligent people. That diversity and disabilities should not divide us as a nation. 

What’s our story 

Image above: Akila Doll’s founder, Olivia, with daughter, Amira

Image above: Akila Doll’s founder, Olivia, with daughter, Amira

Akila Dolls are the inspiration of my own daughter, and her obsession and love for baby dolls.  From the age of 6, my daughter was diagnosed with autism, she struggles with social interaction, restrictive behaviour and many other symptoms. As a mother, it was important for me to support her, and a lot of her education was based around role play learning. She loves to interact with her dolls and one could say she treats them as if they were actually human. It has become apparent to me, and more so now as a parent that diverse baby dolls were and are still massively underrepresented within the UK industry. I believe it is extremely important that not just my daughter, but that every boy and girl can see baby dolls on toy retailers shelves, that both look like them and relate to their cultures and beliefs. The only we can do this is within toys and books. By having a greater diversity within the toys children play with, will have a greater impact on how they perceive themselves and others in the future.  

My idea 

The mission of Akila Dolls is to deliver high quality, diverse, educational and play doll’s for children that are enjoyable to play with and are good value for the purchaser. 

Each doll will be named after a historical figure in history. The first doll will be called Bessie, after Bessie Coleman. She was the first woman of African-American descent, and also the first of Native-American descent, to hold a pilot license.

Image above: the illustration of the first doll

My vision

To educate both boys and girls about other races and religions, through play, which will develop a child’s social, physical and emotional skills while they role play, dream and imagine. When a child is free to learn and play, we can encourage their self acceptance, allowing them to posses a realistic awareness of their strengths and weaknesses, and that they can accept themselves despite imperfections and what make them unique.

For every child worldwide to see a doll, that represents them in independent shops, high street stores and available to buy online.

Image above: Akila Dolls concept book

The money raise

With the support of this crowdfunding campaign the money raised will be used to achieve the following:  

Prototype of the doll

Prototype of the sustainable packaging 

Product testing 


Social media campaign


Market Research 

Image above: Market research between January and February 2020


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£60 or more

Akila Doll launch party Gold Package

Not only will you receive an Invitation to the Akila Doll launch party, you will also receive an additional ticket to bring a plus one. Plus enjoy one complimentary drink each. To top it of enjoy 30% discount on our Bessie Akila Doll. Launch party to be help in 2021

£5 or more

Thank you !!

Thank you for your pledge I will never forget your massive act of kindness!! Thank you, I truly appreciate your support.

£10 or more

Akila Doll launch party

Receive a free ticket to the Akila Doll launch party. This event will be taking place in 2021.

£15 or more

You are amazing !! Enjoy 10% discount

Your donation will help us so much!! To say thank you enjoy a 10% discount on a Bessie Akila Doll estimated at £40 once on sale. Once Akila Dolls is launched this will be valid for a year.

£100 or more

Could it be you ? Enter the competition & find out

You will have the opportunity to be entered into a competition with the opportunity of naming a future Akila Doll. This is a brilliant prize , with illustration work valued at over £500 and the cost of manufacturing the doll.

£30 or more

20 of 20 claimed

Receive a free doll & enjoy 20 % discount

Become the proud owner of your very own Bessie Akila Doll, estimated at around £40 once on sale. Plus an additional 20% of any purchase valid for a year. Only 20 free Bessie Dolls available so don’t miss out !

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