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AK Consulting

Support the launch of AK Consulting and in return we will promote your organisation or a discount on your initial invoice for our services.

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AK Consulting

Are you like me, passionate about the the important work of local charities, then please support the development of AK Consulting to assist small local charities develop and grow in the future.

 Help with the launch of AK Consulting and help promote your service or organisation or a discount if your service or organisation commission the services of AK Consulting. (This will take the form of a 15% discount on your intial invoice if you pledge £500 or more)

My name is Anthony King and I have worked as a senior manager in the voluntary and statutary sector for over 20 years.  I am a qualified social worker with over ten years experience of working in residential care homes.

Over the years, I have seen many organisations with great staff and delivering high quality services to their local communities close or fail to receive funding only because they were unable to changes their service delivery model to meet the changing needs of commissioners or funders.

with this in mind, I decided to set up a consultancy services called AK Consulting, to use my knowledge, skills and experience to assist voluntary organisations to better understand the change funding, social and economic envronment in which we all have to work today.

AK Consulting aims to work with statutary organisations to assist them with developing imporved relationships with voluntary organisations.   in achieving these goals, I beleive that we will have improved services to local communities, organisation with a clear plans for their sustainability and development of new and much needed local services.

Your pledge will support the development of AK Consulting and help to improve the delivery of local services.

AK Consulting will offer a unique range of services which will include:

  • Management Support
  • Training
  • Interim Management Services
  • Service development and Evalulation
  • Organisational Trainsition
  • Mentoring

AK consulting will work with and support organisations looking to improve or develop their model of service delivery in order to ensure that it continues to meet to needs of the local community and have a strong bedrock of training, development and evaluation of the services to ensure they continue to grow and use there limited funding as effciency as possible.

Your pledge will provide finances to

  • Meet the start-up costs of AK Consulting
  • Provide office equipment
  • promote our services
  • Develop a ragne of training services
  • Develop our website

Your pledge will assist in helping hundreds of organisation to develop and manintin the services to evlove their service delivery and move forward, helping more poeple, improving quality and providing a foundation to their future development.

In return, your pledge will be highlighted on our Funding/Pledge page of our website and you may have an opportunity to attend one of our Supporters Events.  The more that you are able to pledge the more information on your or your organisation.

AK Consulting is a registered company and is committed to reinvest any surplus income back into the company for an initial three year period.

Thank you for yout time and I hope that you will feel able to support the development of this worthwhile service.


Anthony King




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