AJP at Edinburgh Fringe 2019

by Amanda Jane Pritchard in London, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 2nd August 2019 we successfully raised £370 with 13 supporters in 34 days

A motorbike broke my leg, it has complicated my Edinburgh Fringe plans - help me get there and support my new career in comedy and the arts!

by Amanda Jane Pritchard in London, England, United Kingdom

I am doggedly determined to fulfil my Edinburgh Fringe run this year despite a number of setbacks- and I need your help!

In mid May this year, I was hit by a motorcycle crossing the road in Glasgow sustaining a right tibial plateau fracture. The prognosis was six weeks on crutches and a brace. Then I slipped in the bathroom of my Airbnb because of a faulty radiator heater. Thankfully I don't need surgery but I do need a further six-eight weeks on the crutches (and I cannot be trusted not to break something else)... lol.

In July 2018 I packed up and sold most of my life away (for a song) to pursue a career in the performing arts/musical comedy and relocate to the UK. My money soon ran out but I have managed to make it work. There've been some amazing angels who have helped me out along the way - superb friends new and old.

The leg break means I cannot work which was my plan in the lead up to Edinburgh.

My budget before the break stretched to take me up to Edinburgh but now, for continuity of care I need to stay on in London. My expenses have increased and Edinburgh looks dicey!

Being off my feet for the most part is a major challenge as I have Bipolar. One of the crucial parts of managing that is exercise and being out in life - in the past I have hidden myself away and there have been times since the leg break those thoughts have re-entered my mind after a long time managing the Bipolar with good/great effect. I always have to be vigilant.

So, what am I asking? Check out the rewards, buy a teeshirt, come to my show, make a donation, share it with friends and family... 

Here is some guff for stuff I have done so far -

‘Amanda isn’t afraid of the dark corners. In fact, she tickles it until we all piss ourselves laughing!‘ – Nick @edfringe

‘OMG !!!!  This girl is NUTS …… I could not stop laughing. Non Stop Brilliance A MUST SEE! – Terri @edfringe

‘This is one funny lady …. Amanda is the female answer to Kevin Bloody Wilson …… very funny, hilarious songs we were singing one on the train home lol . A Must See !‘ – Sally @edfringe

“It’s at once hilarious, revealing, absurd, touching and sometimes just plain goofy” – beat magazine 

“The chatter is right: this is a well-produced, well-written, well-performed and unique show that has lots of heart” – beat magazine 

“I saw Amanda in Melbourne and fell in love” – Hamish (in Melbourne) via his friend Mark (in Edinburgh) on instagram

“@_amanda_jane you were FAB!” – Wendy Harmer, legendary Australian comedian, Broadcaster, ABC Sydney


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

Prepay £10 for the Edinburgh!

I'm doing the PBH Fringe which is a "pay what you want" at the end of the show so, show your support BEFORE you come with an advance tenner!

£15 or more

A Ticket and donation to my London shows

Come along to my London previews and boost with a donation - pre book via here - dates - Friday July 12th, 9pm Sunday July 14th, 3pm Old Red Lion Theatre, Islington

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Prepay £20 for the Edinburgh Show!

If you can afford a bit extra - I'm doing the PBH Fringe which is a "pay what you want" at the end of the show so, show your support BEFORE you come with an advance £20!

£25 or more

Custom slogan Teeshirt

A custom slogan teeshirt - many options, a few of them I cannot put on here - get in touch! "Understatement of the "Year" "Will x for Coke" (this one creates a stir, the site won't let me spell it out but it will be spelled out properly) "Swipe Left" "Swipe Right"

£250 or more

Private Performance for You/Your business/Staff

This. one. will. really. help me. achieve. the. target!

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