AJK Radio Licenses Funding

AJK Radio Licenses Funding

AJK Radio launched Christmas Day 2015, home grown studio with remote studios for our Autistic Presenters, looking to cover License costs

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

AJK Radio was an idea born from 25years of hospital radio broadcasting to learn the trade.

Alex, founder has an autistic son, Xander who started broadcasting with his dad at the age of three.

As Xander has grown older the evidence of Autism has provided both Alex, Xander and the family with challenges both in social scenarios, school and home.

Xanders passion for technology and music however has remaind at the forefront as his calming zone.

2015, Alex put his savings into launching the station at home and online, with a long term view to one day turning it into a full time business.

Two years on and we want to cover the running costs for the next 18 months.

This has become apparant as we now have remote presenters who present from home. These presenters have to buy their own equipment, and only contribute a small percentage towards the cost of keeping the station on air.

AJK Radio has the potential to take off in a good way , but now needs backers and supporters