A is for Apple

A is for Apple

Our project demonstrates the importance of conscientious farming post-Brexit and asks how our choices affect the environment and economy.

We did it!

On 9th May 2017 we successfully raised £1,505 with 21 supporters in 56 days

Our project looks at how Brexit will affect apple farming in England and we will invite artists to respond to what is happening. Even though Brexit is getting a lot of media coverage, the crisis that farming finds itself in because of it is scarcely mentioned. People will be affected by this drastic change including farmers, seasonal migrant workers and us as consumers. We want to understand and tell these stories. This is an opportunity to open up this conversation, to understand the effects of the impending policies and to question food production.

We chose to look at apples because they are a familiar fruit to us all. It is a common symbol that can trigger our minds to think of Newton's theory of gravity, mythology, Eden's apple, Cezanne's paintings and much more. In England apple holds a central place in culture with the consumption of cider, tales of scrumping and multiple references to it in literature. To us, apples become a useful vector to explore conservation, sustainability and heritage.  

We believe artists should be paid for their work. This is why we are raising funds. We want to ensure that our artists will have access to the materials they need and will have the possibility to visit English apple farms and conduct their research. 

To the project's regular updates, visit our website: www.aisforapple.co.uk. We would love to hear from you, email us at aisforappleproject@gmail.com.

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