AirNalytics Start Up

AirNalytics Start Up

Hi there, please help get my airline analytics/consulting company off the ground so I can undertake five contracts I have already lined up!

We did it!

On 30th May 2016 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 28 days

Hi there,

I'm Sabina and I'm in the midst of setting up my own airline consulting/analytics company, which specialises in supporting airlines optimise corporate revenue here in the UK and USA.  Please do have a look at some of the great rewards I can offer you, in return for supporting my business venture (even discounted long-haul flights!)

I actually worked for the UK's biggest airlines for several years, starting off as an analyst and ending up in corporate strategy (mainly looking at optimising corporate deals to maximise revenue from business travellers). Here, I saw a gap in the market, both from a strategy side (even the world's biggest airlines don't necessarily have a strategy when it comes to business travel) and from an analytics side (for example, deal performance and and market share).

To cut a long story short, I am trying to make it on my own. I have set up AirNalytics to provide real solutions to airlines rather than a lot of jargon and fluffy mission statements. My solutions centre around data and analytics tools. For example, I have developed

  • Reporting tools for sales teams that exploit markets share data and revenue performance data which not only show the numbers but prompt sales teams with suggestions on how to further improve client performance.
  • I have developed customer segmentation models and displacement models to help airlines better identify which clients they should be winning business from, and where the opportunities are.
  • I have developed Tableau based reports which can be accessed straight from a field rep's tablet or mobile in real-time meetings.
  • I have developed new dealing products from start to implementation.

My business model basically centres around providing strategic solutions and providing them with one or a number of my analytical tools to help them achieve those goals (at a cost). I am also in the process of conducting market research in the area to help set industry standards and become a kind of intelligence-hub in corporate travel.

However, there is only much I can rely on word of mouth! I require funds to help cover website development costs and travel costs for the next 12 months. I have got five clients (who I cannot name) in the USA who have appointed me to lead various projects (some analytics-based, some more strategy-based). However, going out there for extended periods is costly and i do not have the means to fund all of my costs at the moment. I have put my own money into this venture, but my last trip to the states in March cost me in excess of £2k in travel expenses, and cash flow is preventing me from taking on other work. I also have earmarked a couple of trade shows in the US where I would like to have a stand and showcase my business tools, but again this requires significant up-front cost.

These are great opportunities, especially if I am able to forge long-lasting relationships with clients and get them to buy/subscribe to my analytic tools. These are opportunities that can really shape the business and grow into the potential that it offers.

Hopefully you can see the opportunity. Given the nature of the business, I will offer rewards for significant pledges- from free demos, to discounted flights. Please see the reward page for more info.

Thank you for reading!




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