Air purification that stops illness transmission

by Andrew Hobbs in Tadworth, England, United Kingdom

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To invest in stock, warehousing and marketing to develop our existing B2C business and a new B2B distribution/wholesale business

by Andrew Hobbs in Tadworth, England, United Kingdom

Since 2013 Better Indoors (previously Domestic Ventilation Sales Ltd) has been providing retrofit solutions to problems of poor indoor air quality at home such as condensation, mould, dust mites that trigger asthma, allergies, particulate matter, oxides of nitrogen, radon, tobacco smoke, VOCs and ozone. We provide a complete end-to-end service to our customers from initial lead qualification and survey through to regulation compliant installation and after sales services for strategic ventilation and off the shelf products that manage air and environmental purification/sterilisation and monitoring. We service homeowners, landlords (social and private) and trade intermediaries and we enjoy many repeat relationships and have carefully built a reputation for quality and reliability. We have installed well over 2500 solutions since we started.

We have a unique insight into the UK indoor air quality and ventilation marketplace. My father founded a large manufacturer in the 1980s and presided over the invention of a product in the early 2000s that eventually won the Queen's Award for Enterprise: Innovation for its ultra low power consumption, its green design credentials which reduced ongoing building maintenance costs.

Since then there has been little investment by the mainstream ventilation manufacturers in new air purification product development despite the enormous increase in the importance of ventilation for good indoor air quality due to increasingly airtight new properties due to the UK's carbon reduction commitments since 2005. Consequently a number of new manufacturers have entered the market with air filtration and/or air purification products.

The issue with almost all air purification technologies is they are completely ineffective at preventing illness transmission. This is because the air must pass through a filter and/or chamber to be treated (and the vast majority of "treatments" are not very effective) and can be recontaminated again as soon as it leaves the unit. Consider the following scenario: a room with an air purifier and a number of people - one with a severe cold. If the person sneezes the air purifier will not stop the others in the room being exposed to germs from the sneeze which are emitted at over 100mph and are held in the air or fall onto surfaces.

Our air purification technology is different. It is the only one that actively purifies the air and surfaces in real time. In other words it turns all the air inside a living space or workplace into an active and safe air purification chamber. The technology was originally developed as part of a US Homeland Security project to prevent a terrorist bio attack on an airliner. No one would know until the next day after the passengers had arrived at their destination and spread the virus which is how worldwide pandemics can get started. In fact the Chinese government selected the technology for public buildings and subways during the SARS outbreak for this very purpose. In tests the technology is proven to kill 98% of all germs emitted from a sneeze.

Today, the technology is used in a wide variety of sectors including residential, commercial, hospitals, care homes, the military, public sector and elite sports in over 60 countries around the world. Protected by global patents, the technology is the most effective air purification process possible. In a sentence, it replicates natures process by using the same oxidising agents found in the atmosphere but at lower concentrations. It is far more effective, energy efficient and far less intrusive than all other filtration/purification processes and is proven to reduce absenteeism in schools, improve workplace productivity, improve healthcare patient outcomes and reduce ongoing HVAC maintenance costs.

My company is in the process of securing the exclusive UK wide distribution rights to this unique technology - direct from the manufacturer in the US. This is important given the backdrop of Brexit and its existing structure for European distribution which uses a European company for the UK market. There will be tariffs for European good entering the UK from Europe which a direct US-UK relationship will avoid.

We intend to use the funds raised for stock, warehousing and marketing. We intend to build a B2B distribution business and continue to offer our B2C solutions. As the primary UK distributor of this technology we will offer training courses for contractor customers of our main distributor/wholesaler relationships. 

The indoor air quality market is currently evolving rapidly and demand for affordable retrofit solutions and innovative new products is expected to increase following new legislation (Homes for Human Habitation Act - March 2019) along with changes to relevant Building Regulations coming from Parlimentary level discussions (APPG Healthy Homes and Buildings, NICE Indoor Air at Home) which are calling for a national renovation strategy for existing homes to help meet 2050 emissions targets and to maximise health and well being. These initiatives are expected to herald changes in Building Regulations that will improve the quality and policing of standards and the quality and performance of buildings that will improve indoor air quality and environments. We are monitoring these developments closely and are well positioned to take advantage of the new opportunities that will arise.

Indoor air quality has become a major area of public concern in recent years. It is now a well publicised fact that indoor air is often 4-5 times more polluted than outdoor air and often with the most dangerous pollutants and carcinogens. The fact that people spend over 90% of their time indoors means we are most exposed to the most dangerous pollutants while at home.

The biggest challenge in the UK to achieving healthy homes is improving the 26 million existing homes that have already been built. New standards will apply to new buildings which the government expects to build 300,000 per year. Our B2C business already helps those living in existing properties achieve the goal of clean air for healthy homes through retrofit solutions and leading off the shelf products and services and we intend to facilitate the trade with the best air purification technology to help them address the explosion in demand for effective solutions that is forthcoming via our B2B business.


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We will survey any property in the UK (residential or commercial) and will specify our whole building advanced air purification products (and whole building humidity damp solving ventilation products if necessary). We will then discount the cost of the installed solution at each property by £500.

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