Ailsa smith

Ailsa smith

to raise as much as I can for a friend Ailsa Smith to support her on going costs of cancer

We did it!

On 1st Jun 2017 we successfully raised £70 with 6 supporters in 28 days

RSI. I'm hoping to raise money for a friend. I haven't done much running since Sophie was born but a week on Sunday I am doing the Monikie 10k to raise money for a great cause. I was lucky enough to be introduced to Ailsa through a mutual friend. She is an inspiration and I want to help in any small way I can. Here is story in her husband Alan's words.........

"Ailsa was diagnosed with breast cancer first in 2013. Ailsa had Chemo, surgery and Radiotherapy- our life was back on track, together bringing up our gorgeous daughter, Leah. A more determined, courageous, girl you will never find as again we were hit with news late in 2016, Ailsa once again had a new breast cancer. This time Ailsa opted for a double mastectomy. Again true to form Ailsa sailed through this, enjoying Christmas with the family. Around February 2017 Ailsa began to experience a numbing sensation around the left hand side of her face. We received the devastating news, Ailsa was now suffering from an inoperable brain tumour. We were offered Radiotherapy in a hope to shrink the tumour so Ailsa could have, "more time," as there was no cure.We do not accept this. Everyone knows how strong Ailsa is.
Ailsa's sister Morna has been an inspiration and done incredible research into this. There is hope! There are literally thousands of people surviving out there having been giving a death sentence from so called "conventional treatment". There is not a magic pill. There never will be! No Cancer is the same and likewise no two persons are the same with different make ups - metabolism etc. The answers are out there but you have to search for them. Nutrition is key. Ailsa is now adhering to a very restrictive nutritional diet, with numerous supplements.
Ailsa was diagnosed with another secondary breast tumour last Friday despite the double mastectomy. The conventional methods do not work. Dr Vegt in the Netherlands, is very positive and he has agreed to a consultation in Ommen, Netherlands. He has a clinic in Spain and they have been achieving great results with brain tumours and cancer sufferers in general. We are determined that Ailsa will receive this treatment which offers not just, "time," but survival, finally reversing and eradicating this terrible disease. Please give as much as you can to help Ailsa on her journey back to good health."

Really hoping to help,

laura xx

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