Aid to Migrants Arriving in Greece

Aid to Migrants Arriving in Greece

Supporting Migrants in Kos, through the charity 'Kos Kindness,' with Humanitarian Aid via Food, Accomodation and Clothes.

We did it!

On 18th Jan 2016 we successfully raised £709 of £150 target with 27 supporters in 21 days

From 13th - 20th January, I will be flying out to the Greek island of Kos to take part in some volunteer work with the charity 'Kos Kindness.' Upon this trip I will be supporting incoming Migrants, as part of the ongoing crisis, in various forms of humanitarian aid. 

Kos is an island of Greece which has seen heavy numbers of migrants arriving since 2011, and the island is always desperate for volunteers as the crisis continues to pursist. I first heard about 'Kos Kindness' through a friend who has previously done the same trip as what I am about to embark on. He showed me the fantastic work they do and I felt it was necessary for me to go out there and do my bit too. 

So why should you donate money to my project? By donating your money to this project you will see your money being spent on clothes, food, water and accomodation for Migrants arriving straight off the boats and Migrants who are currently on the island. This is extremely important as these people travel weeks to get anywhere near to Europe and put their lives at risk by doing so. 

I hope to document what your donated money will be spent on via my Facebook page. I am yet to know of instructions or safety guidelines when I'm on the island, but I know how important it is for you as a donater to know where your money is going! Therefore, I will try my very best for you to show how you have helped!

What's also really important to note, is that Greece's Economy isn't doing too great either. So, by spending your donated money on clothes and all the rest in Greece, rather than taking it over from England. They will also see the benefits in their system, which is important as Greece has had trouble handling the crisis in the past. 

My target is £150 and this will buy various amounts of humanitarian aid for the migrants. So even if it's as little as a fiver, your money could help keep a mother and her child warm throughout the night. 


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