Aid to get my Kidnapped Son back from Italy

Aid to get my Kidnapped Son back from Italy

This is project to help try to get my son Lorenzo back from Italy. Following a bad relation with his mother upon trying to be amicable...

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This is project to help try to get my son Lorenzo George Hutton back from Italy back to where he was born, here in the UK. Following things not going well with his mother and upon trying to be amicable, Lorenzo's mother took him out of the UK to Italy to her parents house and told me i would never see him again. He is a british national and I was with him since he was born until she took him away a few weeks from his 1st birthday. I have not done anything to merit this and neither has Lorenzo to be taken away from his father.

This is so wrong and on so many levels, so i have no choice but to set this up and ask for the help of the public to try to make this happen.

Lorenzo has an older brother Leonardo who i do have contact with who is 7 who would also love to see him as much as i would.

I have put everything i have from my earnings and savings into the Legal costs to try to get him back, but i just can't afford to do it on my own.

A hague convention case has been brought up for Feb 17th 2016, and i just need to try to scramble the funds to pay the legal fees to stand a chance, or i dont think i'll ever see him again. His mother is also trying to remove my parental rights which is so wrong.

Please help if you could i would be eternally grateful as this boys life will be changed for ever.

Note: The amount i have put it in as needed does not cover anywhere near all the costs its more the deficit i cannot afford to pay to make this happen. There is also a link to donate just £1 for this cause if there is only enough love to share this, it might happen. 

 Thank you

Roy Hutton

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