Aid the poor in Egypt with basic necessities

by Aid the poor in Egypt with basic necessities in Gamston, England, United Kingdom


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This project will only be funded if at least £3,000 is pledged by 28th January 2021 at 9:12pm

To aid the poor in Egypt, updates will be provided with video and image proof of where the money is going and how it's spent.

by Aid the poor in Egypt with basic necessities in Gamston, England, United Kingdom

One in three Egyptians are living in poverty, this amounts to roughly 32.5% of the population that live below the poverty line. 

Egypt has struggled to rebuild its economy following years of political unrest and over 10 million children and families have been declared “multidimensionally poor” - this means they are deprived of key things essential to their ability to survive.  This can take the form of these children dropping out from school, not having access to clean drinking water, alack of food and no access to health care. Every day an unbelievable amount of people in Egypt die from a lack of the most basic human needs so many of us take absolutely for granted.

The current pandemic has woken us up and allowed us to understand the importance of our amazing NHS and just how blessed we are to have this privilege. Now more than ever we need to come together and help our brothers and sisters who are struggling to afford basic necessities. We have witnessed successes in previous weeks of all the money raised for the NHS and I’m sure you will agree this cause is also a very important one that we can look back on and feel proud about the role we had in helping.

When I was considering what form I wanted my Zakat to take in the month of Ramadan and which causes spoke to me. I have witnessed the extreme poverty many in Egypt live in during my travels there and it truly broke my heart and made me want to help in any way I can - the consequences of the current global pandemic mean our support and donations are needed now more than ever to help these families. To put this in to perspective, donating £25 will cover the cost of feeding a family of 4 for one month - this is roughly what we spend on a meal in our favorite restaurant!

It is perfectly fine to support a chosen charity and this is something I considered for my Zakat this Ramadan, but more often than not part of of our donations go towards funding the charities expenses and staff wages. I would like any money that we raise to ALL go directly to those who need it the most. 

I know of many families in Egypt who struggle to pay for food, water, health care and will be splitting the money we raise based on individual need. Inshallah we can all make a difference to their lives this Ramadan and help in any small way we are able to.

I would also love it if you can provide contact details of individuals who are living in poverty in Egypt that you or your families personally know so we can reach out and help as many people as we are able to. I will be posting updates about the individuals this money has helped and telling their stories over the next few months once the campaign is over.

Lastly I challenge you all to donate the amount you are willing to pay for a meal in a restaurant, challenge you friends and family and get everyone involved. Feel free to donate more if you are able to of course - and please remember no act of kindness however small, is ever wasted.

Thank you all for your kindness and willingness to hel

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