Aid Container For A Syrian Refugee Camp

Aid Container For A Syrian Refugee Camp

We are sending a container full of aid to a Syrian Refugee camp.

We did it!

On 26th Nov 2015 we successfully raised £634 with 5 supporters in 28 days

 Project Aim:

We are raising £3,500 to send a container full of aid to a Syrian Refugee Camp


The camps have been established from the beginning of the Syrian Civil War in 2011 in neighbouring countries of Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan and Iraq (including Iraqi Kurdistan). As of 2014, some 3,000,000 Syrians have fled the country, mostly arriving to the refugee camps in countries around Syria.



iNEED believe human rights are a shared responsibility. We have been collecting donations to help refugees in our unit in Caldicot, South Wales for the past two months.

How will we spend the money?

We will use the money to transport collected donations in a shipping container.

We are also seeking further aid items. Please see the poster below.

Why do we care about this?

Imagine what it’s like to flee your home in fear and to arrive in a new country with nothing but your life left to you- your family, partner and children either dead of lost in the confusion. You have survived. But how will you now live? How will you start again?
iNeed helps people who’ve survived some of the world’s worst wars and regime’s by providing basic crisis relief and personal support that is much needed to live out a life with dignity. We make sure they have the opportunity to build a safe, happy and productive life by providing basic shelter, food, clothes, light and heat


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