Ah2o is a start up charity in memory of Anton Hawkins. We need to raise £5,000 to register with the charities commission.

We did it!

On 20th Jan 2014 we successfully raised £8,087 of £5,000 target with 207 supporters in 42 days


We met our first goal in just 19 days, which is simply incredible. We still have time left though! As we have raised the money we needed to register with the UK Charities Commission, we are now trying to raise money to go towards helping with the costs for our first trip and to contribute to future operations. 

Judi Hawkins and Lisa Jenkins will be heading out to Nicaragua in just 4 days time on the first of many AH2O expeditions. Whilst there, they will be following up on Anton's work and collecting as much information on the area as they can. We think it would be nice if we could support them throughout their trip, as currently everything has been self-funded by Judi. The trip is going to provide AH2O with vital information on Nicaragua, and will also give us a chance to check Anton’s filters and, if necessary, replace them. 

We'd also like to be able to support our Nicaraguan man on the ground, Yerling Tercero, who has kindly donated himself and his vehicle every morning for the duration of Judi and Lisa's trip, much the same way he helped Anton last year. Selfless, heart warming acts like these are going to make a huge contribution to how AH2O works in the future and we'd just like to see if we can't let him know we appreciate it by trying to help with costs.

Tackling the global water crisis is a monumental task and finding a way to improve the lives of those affected by it requires more than just providing clean water. AH2O wants to build a platform that allows communities to determine how our knowledge and resources can help them grow out of the crisis. Your continued donations help us to connect with these people. Combining our findings with your support will allow us to create solutions that are built for each community, bringing bright futures and clean water for all.

Please check out the new rewards, get pledging and let’s see if we can’t smash this one right out of the park!

Muchas gracias



AH2O was born out of the work started by Anton Hawkins in early 2013, delivering essential water filtration equipment to families in the remote areas of Chinandega in Northern Nicaragua. Nicaragua, “the land of black water” has a large rural population, of which many have limited or no access to safe, sustainable sources of potable water. 

Tragically, Anton passed away in a fatal car accident on the 2nd of July this year. It was clear to all those that had had the pleasure of spending time with him that once arriving back from Nicaragua he was a changed man, brimming with even more positivity, vitality and energy than ever before. Tom Horton, Co-Director of Fundraising for AH2O said about Anton, and his time in Nicaragua, “Whilst Anton was in Nicaragua, he found his pot of gold running through a water filter he had installed, he found his way to give back and that gave him incredible fulfilment”. Not wanting to let Anton’s infectious attitude rest with him, a passionate group of Anton’s close friends and family have set up AH2O, an organisation dedicated to providing targeted support to the area of Nicaragua Anton had grown to love, keeping his dream alive.



Since July this year the AH2O team have been building the foundations for the future of the organisation. Zac Bull, Director of Operations, said on the support already received, “AH2O is a mirroring of the kind of person that Anton was; a collective of innovative people, eccentric in their own way coming together for a mutual passion”. For the last 6 months the team has been preparing the organisation for its public launch. In order to become officially registered with the Charity Commission and obtain its charity number and officially become a Charity, AH2O must first raise £5000. Once AH2O has a charity number, it can begin the process of raising the funds to continue the project Anton started; Actively working to provide access to adequate, self-sustaining water resources, and spreading a little of the infectious positivity that Anton radiated.



Nicaragua’s problems with water are typical of a country recovering from the disorder of war and natural disasters. With almost half of this isolated country’s population living in rural areas, a lack of pubic investment has left many in a continuous struggle to gain access to basic sanitation and safe sources of water.

We aim to engage with communities and establish local partnerships to find approaches to expand the current services available. Our initial efforts will be focused in Chinandega, near the northern frontier with Honduras. AH2O will always work with full transparency, finding the best measures to bring the most appropriate tools and training. Our target is to reach 3000 people over the course of an initial three-year period.

By supporting AH2O you will help us to bring long-term options to Chinandega and beyond. We believe that access to water brings stability, equality and a greater richness of life, so join us as we get more than just the water flowing.



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