by JAMIL IDDY in Accra, Accra Metropolis, Ghana

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Reduce the energy exerted in doing manual laundering, reduce and conserve energy used searching water when they can have it all in a box

by JAMIL IDDY in Accra, Accra Metropolis, Ghana

over the decades, we have manually washed our clothes in africa, tiring a lot of people during the weekends and making it difficult for other chores to be done, it takes a lot of time combing miles and miles in search of water to do the laundry whereas some just go to river bodies and pollute them. 

as a team, we came to an understanding that Europe and the Americas have communities  Laundromats that help middle class as well as low income earners to do their dirty laundry at a minimal. the idea therefore emanates from here. Across the West African, no country within it has a Laundromat in any of its communities hence it would be adventurous and economically sound to bring this into a realization. 

you would not only be making revenue but helping mass number of people especially women from the pain, stress and fatigue of having to wash mountain of dirty clothes before other chores and sometimes having to walk miles in search of water before doing the laundry.

with the vision of opening a 24/7 hour coin laundromat, it will 100s of people plan their timing for laundry time anytime within the 24 hours in the day, any day of the week since water would be in abundance, solar power available incase of power outages, washrooms and sinks to wash very dirty parts before the electronic wash then dryers to dry after. 

with these, most people will come in first contact with information technology since these most people are not equipped with it. 

It would help people gain employment since people would be able to set up ""dispatch and delivery systems"for  those who are extremely busy.

 Locations also plays a major part in order to get your mass interest and the following are places we had surveys taken:

Universities in Ghana

Communities with millennial and don't have water flowing through their pipes.

Lower class communities

family oriented communities as well.

 nursing schools

Our team comprises of the following experts:

Human resource expert of 25 years who has been teaching science - Samuel Okyere

An operations manager of a logistic company for almost 10 years and a project officer - Jamil Iddrisu

Expert in finance and audit, 8 years - jackoni Mohammed.

salisu iddrisu, 5 years - military in the UK

Our vision is to by 2024 have multiples Laundromats across the country and readily available to start franchising our product into other west African countries.

Monies gotten would be used to purchase industrial washers and dryers to expand and make the experience worthwhile  


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£50 or more


a certifcate of support from the company

£100 or more



£150 or more



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