AfroEduFashion - Funding Futures

by AfroEduFashion in London, England, United Kingdom

AfroEduFashion - Funding Futures


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Our mission is to 'Empower Minds and Style Change'.

by AfroEduFashion in London, England, United Kingdom

AfroEduFashion is an independent fashion brand and Community Interest Company registered in the UK featuring products that contribute to a sustainable future. We are empowering the minds of marginalised communities whilst helping them with economic security.

Our goal is a world where Fashion Funds Futures. Our Head Wraps and product line is created to start conversations and create impact.

Our ultimate goal is a world where Fashion Funds Futures of Freedom. 

Our Head Wraps and product line is a collective expression of bespoke artisan pieces made to start conversations, make people stand out and be part of real impact.

Were create for a future where all people have the chance to thrive and are designing and raising funds to start a series of global production projects for our go-to-market range made with local African artisans to fund real impact by fighting for educational equality at the local level, and driving progress from the ground up towards change.

These are unprecedented times, but together, we are stronger, and we aim to unite communities on educational inequality and generational poverty. The world has a variety of difference that should be celebrated, but there is also a great amount of difference that needs to be eradicated.

If one person in a world of opportunity could gift a life of education, a way out of poverty through personal development and educational sponsorship, then why not?

This cycle of good is what we aim to maintain through our product line. 

In funding our mission at AEF we aim to work with numerous partners to support educational sponsorship programmes already on the ground, empower female artisans in Africa to strengthen what our future generations chance and quality of life look like.

One supporter can change a life. Please help us to push our existing products to market and reach more local makers.


Empowering minds, styling change.


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