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Afro-Caribbean franchise restaurant

Our franchise seeks to be your lunch and dinner destination for authentic Afro-Caribbean cuisine throughout the UK.

We did it!

On 12th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £200 with 6 supporters in 102 days

A bit about me

My name is Rui Daniel Jaime. I’m a Kingston University student, and I’m also part of the Kingston Nest, which is Kingston’s first business incubator space.

My entrepreneurial journey started when I was 14 with a group of friends in the entertainment industry. In our first 4 years, over 30,000 people attended our events. My career has been underpinned by commitment and hard work. Fast forward a couple of years, I moved to the UK to complete my Higher Education. I graduated in BSc Biochemistry. I’m currently doing my masters in Creative Writing.  I am the author of Streams of Consciousness. I am an American Football line-backer for the Kingston Cougars where I won two championships in 2014/15 (London Conference and UK First Division South Champion). My relentless drive led me to win several awards including President of the Year Award 2014 having competed against ninety-five presidents, and Outstanding Contribution for An Independent Project 2014-2015 which was created last year to recognize my work. I am also a 2015 Young People of The Year (YOPEY) nominee.

Recent Awards and Nominations (2015/16):

  • Student Enterprise Champion 2016 (winner). This award is to recognise the individual who has a made a contribution to the promotion of student enterprise activities and enhanced the university’s reputation in this field.
  • Bright Ideas Finalist 2016: Bright Ideas is an annual ideas competition organise by the Kingston Enterprise department, which seeks out innovative, exciting and inspiring ideas. Out of 600 entries, I was one of the finalists.
  • Kingston University’s Postgraduate Student of the Year 2016 nominee.
  • Kingston University’s Global Achiever 2016 nominee.
  • Young People of the Year 2015 nominee: “YOPEY” recognised the contribution that I made to the student community while completing my undergraduate. Young People of the Year (YOPEY) campaign was set up to tackle negative perceptions of young people by recognising those who have proven to be positive role models in their local areas. This award is backed by UK’s Prime Minister and the London Mayor.

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Our Franchise Center

The aim is to be the top lunch and dinner destination, for authentic Afro-Caribbean cuisine throughout the U.K. Its menu will feature grilled and fried food, including brown stew chicken, jollof rice and cold, refreshing drinks like powerful ginger and sweet hibiscus. It will also have a number of vegetarian options such as zesty red beans and rice and sweet fried plantains. I plan to have a strong reputation for excellent customer service. We will develop a customised mobile app to allow busy individuals to pre-order and pick up their food right away.

Special added feature: the edible cutlery.

Non-recycled waste is filling our landfills and contaminating the earth and its wildlife populations. Plastic utensils have cancerous properties to begin with that can end up in people’s food in small amounts. The average time for one plastic bottle to decompose is 450 years. Contrary to popular belief, YES there’s an alternative to plastic utensils, and that’s why I will introduce edible cutlery that contains no preservatives, and will not end up in the land fill.

The utensils are made of millet, rice and wheat, and they come in different flavours (plain, sweet and savoury). They’ve got a shelf life of 3 years and contain no preservatives. If you don’t feel like eating them, they will decompose within 4-5 days. The cutlery is tasty, fun, nutritious, and environmentally friendly.

The Afro-Caribbean cuisine is fantastic, however, it lacks representation. The Caribbean food market has seen 15-percent, year-on-year growth in retail, as well as an upswing in the restaurant and street food sector. Recent research by the Food Innovation Network reveals 44 per cent of shoppers are searching for new and interesting offerings. I plan to bring customers amazing food, a consistent yet innovative menu and service with a smile.

It's always been my goal to launch an Afro-Caribbean food franchise. Having gained significant experience over the years, and having my idea constantly checked by experts, I feel that it is now the time I believe I can achieve that. I didn't want to try it too soon, when I didn't have enough experience or knowledge, and I don't want to leave it too late and miss out on a great opportunity. I’m doing this crowdfunding in the hope that I’ll be able to have the opportunity to achieve my lifelong dream.

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The rewards

I’ve tried to put a range of rewards on the page in order to appeal to as many people as possible.

The plan

Hopefully the campaign with your help and support will be successful. The rough plan of action is outlined below. Like most big projects I know it can take time and sometimes things come up that you don’t anticipate so this is subject to change but I’ll always keep you up to date on our progress on the campaign page.

  • Secure lease on premises
  • Business administration (e.g. licensing, insurance, health and safety)
  • Branding / logo / website design
  • Recruitment
  • Re-decoration as required
  • Stock
  • Soft openings
  • Official opening

Your help

The aim of my Crowdfunding is to get your help raising funds to make this dream a reality. The funds raised by this campaign will be used to pay the initial rent for the restaurant, to purchase start up stock and equipment and to cover all of the other up-front costs including insurance, licences, payroll, utilities and any necessary redecoration. Having these costs covered will allow me to get my foot in the door, start trading, and will give me the privilege of being able to focus on providing an amazing experience and running a successful business. Even if you’re not able to contribute, if you could just share my Crowdfunding page with your family and friends I would be really grateful because the more people who know about it, the more chance I have of succeeding.

How can I make the restaurant successful?

I think the restaurant will be a great success for a number of reasons but the biggest advantage I have is the partnership and help from Kingston’s incubator, because it has a vast pool of knowledge and experience. On top of that we have been fine-tuning this idea for nearly a year. The combination of our skills and experience make us formidable business partners.

I have a natural passion for food and entrepreneurship, which led me to have worked very hard throughout my career and I’ve achieved some amazing things I’m really proud of. My entrepreneurial journey and help from Kingston’s incubator has given me the opportunity to learn about running a business. Our vision is to make the restaurant, a place where people want to come to work, where they feel valued and part of a great team.

Thank you!

Thank you for visiting my campaign. I appreciate all of your feedback and support and would love to hear from you. Please feel free to connect on 

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Risks and challenges

As part of our business plan, I put together a SWOT analysis to look at some of the potential challenges I might face when starting out. These could include:

1) Competitors - depending on the exact location of the restaurant, I would need to look at the local food offering, and where our restaurant would fit within the market. If our franchise center was based in, for example, Brixton, there are a lot of mid-priced chain restaurants, and only a few high-end places. I would maintain a competitive edge by offering high quality food at an approachable price-point.

2) Finding and retaining suitable staff - this is something a lot of restaurants struggle with. I will be looking for passionate individuals who share our love of the culture and industry, and who will be committed to offering exceptional service. I want our staff to feel like they're part of the business, and I will place a lot of emphasis on building a team who love working with each other. There'll be plenty of good reasons to want to come and work with us.

3) Rising food costs and availability - Protein costs are always increasing which means that I constantly need to do my best to offer great value for money. I'm also hot on food wastage so the effects of this will be minimised by offering to the charities and/or homeless people in the region where we establish ourselves. I will also introduce edible cutlery that contains no preservatives and will not end up in the land fill.

4) Building the brand - because I will be starting the restaurant from scratch, I will also need to build a new customer base. My initial marketing focus will be to raise awareness of the restaurant in the surrounding area. After that I will focus on keeping standards high and executing the concept so that word-of-mouth is good. I wrote a comprehensive marketing strategy, and I understand the importance of keeping the restaurant relevant.

I've undertaken a lot of research into this project, speaking with contacts within the industry who've been successful and learning as much as I can from my peers. The business plan I wrote is comprehensive, and I hope that it covers everything I need to think about in order to give ourselves the best chance of success.

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