Having a website about Africa with something for everyone: locals, tourists travellers and people with no knowledge of the Mother Continent.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The Woman Behind the Project

My Name Zona Coker, I was born and raised in Africa but I am a british citizen. I am lucky to have been to differents countries in the continent (Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Gabon, Namibia, South Africa, Ghana, Republic of Congo, Angola, Togo, Benin and Nigeria). For the last 17 years I have been living in Europe, sharing my time between Englang and France where I studied ans worked. I have also travelled to other European countries (Switzeland, Sweeden, Ireland, Wales, Belgium, Germany, Italy and The Netherlands).  

What Motivates Me

 It's always disappointing for me to see the side of Africa portrayed by the media in Europe, un continent of dictators, famine, poverty and illega immigrants. While I am not denying the exixtence of all of the above, I also know that this beautiful continent cannot be reduced only to that. 

My Africa is also great, full of history, beautiful, rich, strong, resillient, proud, energetic, creative, intelligent, vibrant, colourful, welcomming, warm, kind and so much more. I want to share with others the authenticity and uniqueness of this continent I know and love. 

Empowered by my love of the Mother Continent and its people, the knowledge and experience I have gained while traveling, my warm and kind and generous natur; I want to play my part in this fast growing and immerging continent.

How Can You Help?

Your financial support will allow me to build a multimedia design website that showing Africa in all its glory. It will be a reference to locals, tourists, and people who only knowledge of Africa stems from what they are being fed by the media and peers clichés. The website will be an addition to the already existing Facebook page Afristocracy. The Page is already Showing over 175 000 followers who are sending me encouraging feedback and express the need for more.

Your support will also enable me to travel to places in search of the first pictures, videos and articles for the website. 

How I Your Money Will Be Spent

Total amount: £50400

  • 20 000 to build a multimedia design Website
  • 20 400 to travel accross Africa for a year looking working on the first pictures, videos,  articles and documentaries for the website
  • 5 500 for a good Video/Camera
  • 1 500 for a laptop
  • 1 000 for a stmartphone that could take good clear pictures
  • 2 000  for a return ticket a travel insurance and some visas.