Africa to Oxford, emergency funding for education

Raising emergency funding for my PhD

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

My name is Evan Jacobs, and I call South Africa home. I hold a Masters degree in Anthropology and am attempting to raise £ 23 000 to pursue my PhD at Oxford University. I intend to focus on the social impact of the “Internet of Things” (IoT). The IoT is an expansion of the Internet where physical objects – or “things” – connect with other objects through cyberspace (think smart fridges “speaking” to cellphones).

So why bother with 'smart' things?  The significance of the IoT is that it is quickly pervading every aspect of our lives. How much do you rely on your smart phone, or watch, or TV? Can you remotely lock your home through an app? Or monitor your food through your smart fridge? If you really thought about it, how many objects do you use that can connect wirelessly and communicate through the internet? Our increasing dependence on smart devices means that the relationships between us and 'things' are changing in unprecedented ways. With your help I can uncover these changes.