Africa Needs Your Help

by Africa Needs Your Help in Barry, Wales, United Kingdom

Africa Needs Your Help
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To alleviate poverty and suffering in Bwaise, an area in Kampala and to raise international awareness of the inhabitants desperate plight.

by Africa Needs Your Help in Barry, Wales, United Kingdom

As a former airline pilot I have travelled the world and seen varying degrees of poverty and hardship in developing third world countries, the African continent has long been made up of countries who have seen famines, conflicts and many other problems.

Many of these countries have seen dictators come and go, leaving poverty and destruction in their wake.

Money and resources are being used for weapons and wealth for the elite minority of the populous, instead of being used for helping the vast majority of the ordinary people of the country.

Nelson Mandela was a shinning light and great example of what a countries leader should aspire to.

I have decided to do my bit and try to help in a small but pro active way, starting with Uganda, in particular a suburb called Bwaise in central Kampala, the capital of Uganda.

The area of Bwaise is a large urban slum where thousands of people live and try  to survive and make a meagre living on a daily basis.

Some try to sell vegetables and fruit such as onions, bananas, potatoes from makeshift little boxes outside their homes, if they do not sell enough produce then they and the children go hungry or eat the very items they are trying to sell, creating a never ending cycle of poverty, even water costs money, they fill up their little jerry cans when they need water but if they have no money to pay for a water refill then they have no water or have to beg and borrow from kind neighbours who are also struggling.

Three gallons of water is about 10 cents (300 ugandan shillings) but amazingly even affording 10 cents can be a major challenge to some.

Whilst, Oxfam, The Red Cross, Save the Children and other agencies are doing a worthwhile and important job, the money is still not getting through to the people on the ground who really need it.

With your help and donations my aim is to get money directly to these people who are trapped in poverty.

I have enlisted the help of a local and trusted friend who runs the local hair salon and also helps at the local church, the plan is to provide small loans at zero interest for people who are willing to work and want to start small micro businesses such as the produce seller i mentioned earlier, also small payments (without the need to pay back)  will be available to people who are in desperate needs, such as people who have no water or food.

If this project goes well I will expand it to other areas.

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