Afghanistan: Urgent appeal for help.

by Tahyba in Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom

Afghanistan: Urgent appeal for help.


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Within Afghanistan the humanitarian needs are “growing by the hour” and the country largely spinning out of control.

by Tahyba in Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom

Within Afghanistan the humanitarian needs are “growing by the hour” and the country largely spinning out of control as quoted by the UN Headquarters.

Events that have been brewing over the last couple have weeks in Afghanistan have now spilt onto mainstream media. Showing the sheer amount of fear, loss and displacement within the country by the Taliban.


Thousands and if not hundreds of thousands of Afghans have been displaced from their homes. Many arriving in Kabul, leaving behind their livelihood and lands in order to escape the increasing violence and terrorism. However, Kabul has been now taken by the Taliban.

Afghan citizens are now trying to escape the harsh reality that exists by attempting to flee the country, as nowhere is really deemed safe. What real opposition within the country do the Taliban have? As they can implement their will using military weaponry and those who have spoke out against them are quickly located and neutralised.


It’s Even Noted by Un Chief that; “Continued urban conflict will mean continued carnage” he said, with civilians inevitably paying the highest price."

Most of us are all quite fortunate in comparison to other living in a place where the government has the capacity to support us. However, many have become of a refugee status with perhaps only being only lucky to even bring members of their family and their clothes on their backs.


Needless it will be a obstacle to ensure that all those who need the help will receive it in a timely manner, however, I will endeavour with your help to have an organized strategy to ensure that the process of distribution of the funds is fair and transparent. 

I shall also looking into requesting the cooperation of local charity organizations and or even potentially individual volunteers in helping coordinate a streamlined distribution process for those in need and most at risk.

Praying that this funding project will raise funds to be donated to cause that help them with food, shelter and clothing, hygiene products. Anything that can be donated is appreciated, no matter how small or big. It all will go to those in need.


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