We need a project team to create a family oriented flight and space themed science centre and to build a full-scale kit plane in our school.

We did it!

On 31st Jul 2017 we successfully raised £57,750 of £25,000 target with 102 investors in 84 days
Community Share Project

New stretch target

Having reached our minimum targets we are now stretching towards our optima of (1) £100k for Working capital + (2) £50k for the School Build-a-plane project. 

(1) will help cover the costs of a project team and the professional fees associated with our big capital project, namely creation of a venue, and (2) is to finance the purchase of the kit plane.  


Aero Space Kinross (ASK) will be a uniquely themed, Aviation, Astronomy and Space Flight Science Centre based in the heart of Scotland.  ASK will create an interactive, fun, eductional and inspirational experience that will touch individuals from every generation and will attract people from all over the UK and beyond, to this must-see visitor destination.  It will inspire future generations  into flight themed STEM related careers and leisure pursuits.  In doing so, ASK will act as a feeder for both the aerospace industry and eductional/training establishments. 


About the offer

The share issue, organised in conjunction with Community Shares Scotland, will offer investment opportunities for as little as £100 to Kinross-shire residents.  The share offer is also open to space and flight enthusiasts worldwide with a minimum investment of £200 for those outwith Kinross-shire.  The maximum investment per person is £45k. 

Our Vision

To develop a new, iconic family visitor centre and tourist attraction which will benefit the local community by developing Kinross-shire into the pre-eminent light sport aviation and space flight play based learning centre in Scotland.  Acting as a feeder for both the aerospace industry and educational/training establishments. 

Our Mission

The centre will open hearts and engage minds through awesome flight motion simulation, virtual and augmented reality, outstanding exhibits, a fully immersive 3D planetarium, expert presentations on the world of flight, meteorology, astronomy and space exploration, aviation showcases and much more! 

It will convey both the sheer joy of flight and the excitiment of space exploration.  ASK will be a knowledge hub, a visitor attraction and an event venue, for families, young people, tourists and aviation enthusiasts.  We'll take visitors on a journey from flying the smallest model aeroplane to reaching for the stars. 

Our Story

We've been working up our vision into a fully articulated plan for the past  3 years.  We've had lots of great support along the way from around 50 volunteers, partners who share our vision and seed funders.  Now it's time to take the project on to the next level. 

Our action plan covers the next two years during which time we will put in place a team to deliver our big capital project...the creation of a permanent year-round, all weather venue. 

You could say we've...

  • Set the challenge
  • Described the goal
  • Done the maths
  • Engaged with partners to design the vehicle
  • Engineered the launch vehicle
  • Got the vehicle to the launch pad
  • Prepared for launch and set the course

Now it's time to add the financial fuel required to reach the next stage of the mission.

The potential of the ASK mission is huge.  We expect to reach half of Scotland's population, igniting a passion especially amongst the young for flight related learning and space exploration.  Our play based learning visitor attraction will boost life chances and the local tourism economy.  An opportunity not to be missed!

The First Flight

This share offer isn't just about planning for the future.  We're serious about the reason for this; its about inspiring young minds and we plan to start to do that from the get go.  For that reason we'll buy a full-scale kit plane which will be assembled by pupils at Kinross High School under our supervision.  Once the finished plane has been duly certified, we'll give the students free flights. 

Within a 15 mile radius of Kinross are some of the most disadvantaged and socially deprived communities in Scotland. We want to reach out to those communities and the build-a-plane project will help us to do that.

The success of our mission now depends on you.  We are depending on you to provide the financial fuel by subscribing for shares in this offer.  You have control...!


Dr Stephen Breslin, CEO, Glasgow Science Centre 

'I can't think of a better subject to get your young people engaged than aviation and space technology.  That's why we're so excited about the potential of Aero Space Kinross.  We would work with Aero Space Kinross as Glasgow Science Centre to complement our offer to provide the very best educational offer in science and technology that we can'

Sarah Brown, Head Teacher, Kinross High School   (Commenting on a full day of STEM activities organised by ASK)

'I am very grateful to Aero Space Kinross for providing a unique opportunity for our pupils to develop their skills for life, work and learning by working with STEM professionals as part of this event.  Our pupils have enjoyed the day and have taken part in a wide range of practical and educational activities, based around the theme of flight'

Lance Bush Ph.D, President & CEO, Challenger Centre  (ASK has been accepted as an emerging site for a Challenger Centre)

'Aero Space Kinross is a great idea to engage your public for support, and to inspire your youth to further pursue careers in technical fields, which are key to economic growth'

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