Aerial Videography and Photography

Aerial Videography and Photography

Aerial Videography and photography business

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On 14th Jul 2017 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 28 days

Hello everyone. 

I am asking the kind people of crowdfunder to help support me in my new business. I have been in the photography business as a semi professional for 8 years or so now in my spare time. I could never quite make it pay to go full time.

Recently I saved an bought myself a mid range drone and started taking photos and videos from the skies, feel free to have a look at my site and social media - Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. I have a huge passion for photography and videography

I have had quite a lot of interest from potetial clients who would like me to do some work for them, especially PR/Media companies in Manchester and hopefully further a field. To be able to provide Aerial work legally on a commercial level you must have a UAV Pilots licence. There are many non licenced pilots out there providing there work but if things went wrong it is actuallly a criminal offence. 

I would like you to help support me in getting my pilots licence which is approx between £1200 - 1400 and help build a Legal Professional Aerial Business , building a trustworthy branding and help me be compliant with the CAA (Air Regulators). I intend to build my business on building inspections from the air, help with restorage on heritage buildings, possiblly help with the Forestry Commission as well as provide footage/photography for the media companies. This is just the beginning. 

As a side project with this too, I would like to be able to teach others including children, the safety aspects of flying drones. I would in the near future like to provide a training school to train future pilots.

I have managed to gather £600 over the past few weeks and would like your help to raise £700 so I can become a pilot.

Please feel free to ask any questions. 

Thank You Kindly

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