Aerial Disabled Access Films

To give a different angle to our disabled access films through purchasing a Phantom 2 Vision+ drone to allow aerial filming.

We did it!

On 26th Sep 2014 we successfully raised £1,095 of £1,000 target with 18 supporters in 56 days

New stretch target

Our Stretch Target - £3000.00

Firstly, a BIG thank you to everyone who has helped us reach our initial target!

What will we use the extra money for?

Now that we've raised £1000.00 to buy the video drone we really need something to carry it in when we're out walking for miles! We'd like to buy a specially designed backpack for it so that it doesn't get damaged, but this will cost £114.60.

We are able to use the drone to produce aerial footage of the terrain and natural beauty of the routes we film for our own purposes. However, the law states that if we use the drone for Aerial Work and make money from this, we need to be able to prove pilot competence and also need to pay for CAA Permission to Fly

Because we also make films for other companies it would really add to the financial sustainability of Experience Community CIC if we could charge them for making aerial films. The cost of gaining the qualification to prove pilot competence is between £1400 - £1600! The course consists of web-based learning, two days training at Ground School and a Flight Assessment to ensure that we understand the legalities of flying and can fly safely in public spaces.

The CAA Permission to Fly costs an additional £113 for the unmanned aircraft we have ordered. 

It looks like a lot of money, because it is, but if we can use the drone commercially it will really add to the financial sustainability of our work as we will be able to charge other companies for making aerial films for them. 

Any additional funding over this would be put towards spare parts for the drone.

So please, dig deep and help us raise the extra £2000.00 to ensure the future of our project!

Experience Community Logo

My name is Craig Grimes and I had an accident almost 17 years ago and broke my back while I was a student at university. My injuries meant that I became paralysed from the mid-chest down (T6 Complete SCI) and now I use a wheelchair. Before my accident I loved the great outdoors and enjoyed rambling, fell-walking, kayaking, rock climbing and caving. Many of these activities became impossible for me to do since becoming a wheelchair user, or so I thought.

I've discovered that I can access the countryside if I have the right information and so I decided to start sharing my knowledge through making films and giving other information about the walks and activities I do. My aim is to build a reliable source of information for disabled people and the wider community, such as people who have small children in pushchairs and older people who have mobility problems, to help them access the countryside.

Experience Community CIC is a not-for-profit organisation that helps disabled people access the countryside and other leisure activities. Through making short films about walks and leisure opportunities disabled people can decide if the available facilities are suitable enough for their needs. The films are available for anyone to watch for free through our YouTube Channel and our website so that people can undertake the walks and activities independently with their families and friends. In addition to this, people can also join our supported group walks where they can reap all of the benefits of being outdoors and make new friends.

Currently, we make our films using a semi-professional video camera and show the path surface using an old version of the GoPro Hero video camera which is mounted on a wheelchair. Through purchasing a DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ drone we would be able to show aerial shots of the walks we film, which would give disabled people a much better idea of the terrain and path surfaces on the route. (Photo below: Craig filming at Scammonden Water with an Experience Community Sound Engineer Volunteer)

Craig Grimes and a volunteer filming at Scammonden Water, Huddersfield                                                        Phantom 2 Vision+

Why are we Crowdfunding?

Although we receive some funding for our project, we have to prioritise what we spend the money on. Although a DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ would be a great addition to our equipment we cannot afford to pay for it from our limited budgets. See more information about the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+


"A Serious ‘THANK YOU’ for the information about Experience Community. Excellent video coverage which removes the anxiety for me as a wheelchair ‘driver’ – very helpful information about access, obstacles, steepness, length etc

My husband John uses a wheelchair. We used to walk together regularly – several miles every Friday morning but now we don’t/can’t.

The Experience Community information has opened up the possibility of us walking together again. I’ve downloaded the wheelchair accessible walks from their website and we’re starting again every Friday, but nowadays we’ll be incorporating a Pub Lunch en route." - Jenny

"I love the outdoors & prior to my accident spent a lot of my spare time visiting the Lakes etc. As a T7 complete (Spinal Cord Injured) who isn't terribly confident in my wheelchair I am so glad to have been given the opportunity to get back out there & would recommend everybody gives this a go. Craig Grimes & his fantastic team are on hand to offer encouragement & support, so even on the uphill climbs, which I am very slow at, I still managed to get to the top & enjoy the 360 degree view." - Marie (Photo below: Marie, Craig and another participant on an Experience Community Walk) 

Marie with Craig Grimes and another participant on an Experience Community Walk

We'd love to be able to say thank you to everyone who helps us achieve our target!


  • £10.00 -  Your name or company logo will appear on our website as a supporter of our work.

  • £25.00 - Have your name or company logo appear in the final credits of one of our films

  • £50.00 - Have you name or company logo appear in the final credits of one of our films and receive a copy of 10 films on a DVD

  • £100.00 - All of the above and have your name or company logo on the Phantom 2 Vision+ and an Experience Community T-shirt 


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